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How to sell on Wish 2020



What is Wish?

Why sell on Wish

How much does it cost to sell on Wish

How to register as a merchant on Wish

How to start selling on Wish

Sourcing products

Integrating Wish

Listing products

Importing Shopify, Amazon, eBay and Etsy listings

Managing orders

Fulfiling orders

How to increase sales on Wish


Wish Express

Promoted products

Trusted Store programme

How to integrate Wish with Shopify, Amazon, eBay and Etsy.


With 300 million customers and counting, selling on Wish in 2020 is an attractive opportunity for eCommerce sellers across the world.

To help you get started with selling on Wish, we’ve created this walk-through guide on how to sign up, set up and start making profits. Let’s jump right in.

Back to basics: what is Wish?

Wish is a mobile commerce platform that enables shoppers to browse and buy items from third-party sellers, through a customised feed on its shopping app.

Founded in San Fransisco in 2010, Wish has experienced phenomenal growth over the past ten years, particularly in North America and across Europe.

Shoppers using the app receive a personalised feed that’s continuously updated in response to buying and browsing behaviour. This makes Wish extremely popular with Millenials and Gen Z, who represent 60% of its customer base.

Why sell on Wish?

If more than 300 million customers weren’t enough, there are plenty of other reasons for selling on the Wish mobile marketplace, including:

? Access to shoppers in more than 80 countries

? 10 million daily active users

? 2 million orders per day

? Only 200,000 active merchants on the platform

? 1st and 2nd shopping app on Google Play and Apple app stores

And, if you require yet more convincing, how about this. Mobile commerce is growing at three times the rate of eCommerce. Being on a mobile-first online marketplace now, allows you to establish brand dominance before m-commerce overtakes eCommerce; which won’t be long.

How much does it cost to sell on Wish?

Selling on Wish costs a one-time registration fee of $2,000 and a 15% revenue share charge on total order costs. There is no monthly or annual subscription and no product listing fee.

However, for a limited time only, if you register with Wish via Expandly, the revenue share is reduced to 5% for the first three months. Also, you’ll receive £100 promotional ProductBoost credit (more on that later) and extra impressions for free.

Plus, until 20 April 2020, the $2,000 fee is also being waived, making now the ideal time to join the platform.

How to register as a merchant on Wish

To register as a merchant on Wish, head to the Expandly Wish for Merchants registration page. Here you’ll need to complete the following steps:

1.Enter a unique store name

2. Add your email address and password

3. Complete your business information, including physical address

4. Verify your email address and enable 2-factor authentication

5. Select the payment provider you’ll be using to accept payment (PayPal or Payoneer)

6. Review and agree on the terms of service

7. Complete the relevant ID and business information

8. Get ready to go.

How to start selling on Wish

Once you’ve completed the registration process, you’re now ready to start selling on Wish. What does this entail?

Sourcing products for Wish

Product sourcing for Wish is much like product sourcing for Amazon or eBay. What you’re looking for are products that are:

? Easy to source

? In high demand or predicted to be a niche

? Have low competition

? Have high-profit margins

? Are easy and cheap to ship

? Aren’t on Wish’s list of prohibited items

Integrating Wish with Expandly

To add Wish to Expandly, head to the Expandly dashboard. From the main menu, click Configuration > Add sales channel and then click on the Wish logo.

Follow the on-screen steps to connect Wish and authorise Expandly.

Listing products to Wish – via Wish

To list a new product to Wish using the Wish platform, from your Merchant Dashboard click Products > Add new products > Manual.

You will then be prompted to complete the product information, description, shipping details and variations, and upload any relevant images.

Listing products to Wish – via Expandly

To list a new product to Wish using Expandly, follow this guide.

Importing products to Wish from Shopify, Amazon, eBay or Etsy

If you’re a multi-channel seller (go you!), then you can import existing products into Wish from Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wish or any other eCommerce platform.

To do this, log into your Expandly account

Managing orders on Wish

Your Wish orders will automatically ping into Expandly once you’ve connected your Wish account.

If you want to manage orders through Wish, you must log in to the Merchant Dashboard and select Orders > Action Required.

Fulfiling orders on Wish

There are three different ways to fulfil orders on Wish.

1.Inhouse fulfilment – printing your shipping and address labels through Expandly and using your own shipping carrier to ship orders. 

2. Fulfillment by Wish – Wish’ equivalent to FBA, storing and shipping your items for you. 

3. Third-party Wish fulfilment – using an outsourced fulfilment partner or dropshipper to store and ship your items. 

How to increase sales on Wish

To increase views and sales on Wish, there are many seller tools to help.


Productboost is Wish’s advertising tool that helps you to promote your best products. By creating different campaigns for different products, Boosted products appear higher and in more prominent places for relevant Wish customers.

Wish Express

Wish Express is Wish’s fast shipping programme, that offers express shipping to its customers. Merchant qualifying for Wish Express increased visibility across the platform.

Promoted products

Wish regularly runs promotion campaigns for certain products, choosing those that have a relevant audience, conversion rate and popularity. Increase your chance of being selected by ensuring you have appropriate tags, size and colour information.

Trusted Store programme

Wish’s Trusted Store programme is awarded to merchants with good delivery performance and high product quality. Once on the programme, you have access to the Verified by Wish Programme, increased impressions, higher ranking and the handling of customer service tickets.

How to integrate Wish with Shopify, Amazon, eBay or Esty

And finally, to integrate Wish with Shopify, Amazon, eBay or Etsy, all you need is Expandly. Once you’ve created and connected your Wish account by following the above steps, your Wish orders and products will automatically sync with Expandly and your other sales channel(s).

Even better, for a limited time only, Expandly customers signing up to Wish benefit from a reduced revenue share (5% for three months), $100 promotional ProductBoost credit, and extra free impressions for new products.

To get started, click here.