Xero is one of the many accounting software platforms that Expandly integrates with but less about us and more about them – who is Xero, what does it do and how can it help your eCommerce business. 


Xero provides online account software, designed to help small businesses save time and get paid quicker – allowing you to spend more time on growth.

From Kiwi to Poms

In 2006, Rod Drury was fed up with traditional desktop accounting software and looked to the clouds for inspiration. Xero Limited was formed, taking off to the moon and back as one of the fastest growing service software companies. In 2008 Xero expanded overseas to Australia and the United Kingdom, later launching in the US (2011) and Canada (2018).

Think Big, Start Small

Xero is dedicated to small businesses, attributing the spinning of the world to them. They work with over 1.38m subscribers – providing better tools, connections and information, all from their cloud-based platform.

Best Bits

Xero works with you in mind:

Faster payments – Quick and easy invoicing, with ‘opened’ notifications

Real-time – Instant visibility of shifts to your balance sheet and cash flow

Business tools – Tools for management reporting and final accounts production

Accessibility – Cloud-based software available wherever your laptop, phone or tablet are

Functionality – Create purchase orders, claim expenses, pay bills and manage payroll

The Future

Xero just held its annual partner conference in Atlanta, where it announced its upcoming new features:

– AI automated bill entry

– Faster reconciliations

– Financial project management tool

How To Set Up

Head over here for a free 7-day trial and begin your cloud-based accounting software journey. Prices start from only £10 per month. It really is that easy.

How To Link With Expandly

Linking your Xero account with your Amazon, eBay and Etsy accounts is also super simple with Expandly. Expandly collates all your sales channel orders (including Amazon and eBay) and sends them directly to Xero, without any rekeying, generating draft invoices for approval. You can also import purchase orders and map taxes.

Find out how, here.


About Expandly

Expandly is multichannel management software that allows you to manage your sales channel(s), alongside your accounting software, all from one central location.

Find out how easy it really is with a demo


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