June – the month of sunshine, barbeques, aftersun, duvet-on-duvet-off, and the following not-to-be-missed eCommerce news.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

Amazon is investing in entrepreneurs looking to grow their delivery business empire. Leased branded vans, uniform discounts, fuel and insurance are all part of the deal for a minimum investment of $10,000. With claims that successful delivery partners can profit up to $300,000 per year, Amazon is looking to change its horrible employer rep by spreading some love (and vans).

Ready Or Not, Here I Come

Turns out that eBay has been playing a game of hide and seek with some sellers’ sales. This month eBay executive, Bob Kupbens, revealed that eBay suppresses some sales if it thinks they’re not quite deal-icious enough. Think £3 off when you spend £30,000.

Fighting the War Again Evil

Amazon and eBay have joined forces and signed a Product Safety Pledge with the European Commission. Working together in the fight against dangerous products, Amazon and eBay have agreed to remove dangerous products within two days of authority notification and five days of customer notification. Consumer safety to the rescue.

Esty-Bitsy-Spider Climbs Up the Marketplace

Etsy is dominating the craft marketplace with more than 43% of its traffic being direct – something that Etsy may need to rely upon after its fee-hike announcement this month. Transaction fees are increasing from 3.5% to 5% and now also apply to shipping costs. Etsy says it’s are going to invest this extra income into “making Etsy the best place to run your creative business”.

It’s also launched two new packages of tools: Standard, Plus (£7.60) and Premium (TBC in 2019).

The Taxman’s Taken All My Dough

The US Supreme Court has ruled that US shoppers can be made to pay sales tax on online purchases. Previously, online retailers such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy did not have to charge sales tax because they had “no physical presence” in the buyer’s state. Bricks and mortar stores felt this was unfair and the Supreme Court has said: we agree.

It’s All Going to Pot

Or not, as the case may be for Shopify. Shopify is to be the sole vendor in providing (legal) cannabis eCommerce services across British Columbia. The eCommerce platform won the contract for Ontario earlier this year, and the latest win strengthens its position as an eCommerce leader to watch. Spliffin.

eBay Won’t Be Beaten on Price

Eagle-eyed eBay shoppers in America could make their online shopping pay for itself – and then some. eBay US has launched its ‘Best Price Guarantee‘ – promising to refund you 110% of the difference if you find an eBay Deal product cheaper, within 48 hours. To qualify, items must be available from one of the listed competitors (hello Amazon), be identical and be in stock.


eBay’s ‘Best Price Guarantee’ was also launched in Australia, on all ‘buy it now’ listings. That’s not all down under. eBay Plus, the new membership programme, was also opened (coincidentally the same month as Amazon Prime), offering free shipping from tens of thousands of retailers. No wonder eBay is the first stop for Aussie online shopping.

Check This Out

Back in January we announced Amazon’s checkout-less stores and in May we spied more upcoming locations. Microsoft has been intently browsing the aisles and finally put a slice of the pie in its basket. Rumour has it that Microsoft is developing its own checkout-free technology. Step in line.

Sorry We Missed You

Amazon Hubs are popping up in apartment blocks around the USA. The residential equivalent of an Amazon Locker, the Hubs provide a safe space for Amazon (and other) packages otherwise lost, stolen or returned.

It’s Coming Home

Via Amazon. Amazon has bought the rights to 20 Premier League matches, per season, over the next three years. Games and weekly highlights will be available on Prime Video, as part of Prime membership. Amazon is pulling out all of the penalties to score visitors to its website and to score Bezos a jaw-dropping net worth of $138.8 billion.

Goodbye My Friend

Etsy Wholesale closed its doors to new purchase orders this month. The 28th of June marked the last day and the one-month countdown to Etsy Wholesale closing. The card and collection will be making its rounds.

And that’s all for last month. Here’s to a jamming July.


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