With Linnworks recent increase in prices we are being contacted by many of their existing customers looking for a Linnworks alternative. They are understandably interested in the capabilities of Expandly given that it has similar features and is vastly more affordable for small and medium sized businesses. Most end up making the move from Linnworks to Expandly.

We’ve compiled a list of the answers to the FAQs from those considering the move to make it as easy as possible for you.

How easy is it to move from Linnworks to Expandly?

It really is relatively straightforward to move from Linnworks to Expandly. Firstly you will connect your sales channel(s) to Expandly. This is pretty straightforward and typically takes somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes to do. Once you have connected your channels it is a case of waiting for the listings to download from the channels. Once your listings have come in you can then check that your products and listings are configured as you would expect them to be. Now everything has imported you can begin managing your orders and listings.

Can I run Linnworks and Expandly concurrently?

Yes. We actually advise that customers run Expandly alongside Linnworks as they move from Expandly to Linnworks.  Once you are happy you know how everything works, you have trained any members of staff and have tested that everything is working as you would expect it to, you can switch over to Expandly.

Does Expandly really have all the features of Linnworks?

Yes. Expandly has all the essential features of Linnworks making it an excellent alternative to Linnworks for small and medium sized businesses.

Do you really place no limits on the number of orders or SKUs?

No, we place no limits on orders, or SKUs or number of users set up in Expandly. Our business model is different to our competitors and is not based around volume-related pricing. We set out to create a great product at great value.

How often does Expandly sync with channels?

Once the orders and listings have downloaded for the first time and you are up and running it syncs every 5-15 mins or so. Expandly is dependent on the channels for this timing, just like all multichannel software.

How quickly can I move from Linnworks to Expandly?

We suggest that customers give themselves at least 2 weeks to complete the move from Linnworks to Expandly. The basics of setting your Expandly account up will happen much more quickly than this but you need to be realistic about how you will fit this transition in around your day to day business. This would be the same whatever platform you are migrating to.

If you are wanting to set up a Royal Mail shipping integration, it is crucial that you leave at least 7 days for this to happen. You will need to request your shipping account as soon as you sign up with Expandly as it typically takes Royal Mail 10 days to complete their part of this process.

What support will you provide me? Is there an extra charge?

You have access to ongoing telephone, chat and email support for the entire duration of your Expandly subscription at no extra charge. You also have access to all our user guides and video tutorials. As part of starting your account with Expandly you are entitled to setup support plus ongoing telephone and email support. During this time we will help guide you as you set your system up and then support you as you become familiar with using it.

Can I pay someone to move my business from Linnworks to Expandly for me?

Expandly is designed to be easy to use out of the box. However, it is inevitable that it will take you a bit of time to get up and running. Many businesses moving from Linnworks to Expandly are opting to take an assisted setup as a way of reducing the inevitable impact of making the change on their business. To discuss your individual needs feel free to contact us.

If I need more help, will you give it to me?

Our aim is to help you to succeed and this doesn’t stop at setup. Expandly will be with you as you make this move and on throughout the rest of your time with us.

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