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Multichannel Management

Reduce Your Time Spent Dealing With Orders By 40% and Speed Up Your Entire Business Using Expandly.

Managing different marketplaces and web carts is time-consuming, repetitive and prone to errors

There’s multiple logins to remember, all the different quantities to manage – not to even mention keeping track of all those channel listing fees… Your time is much better spent on more important things like promoting and growing your business.

Wouldn't it be so much easier to manage your inventory, accounting, listings, orders, returns, shipping and more all from one place?

With Expandly, you can!

Sync your quantities and manage your stock levels across bundled items and variations

Hook up your shipping carrier and link to your accounting software

Connect your marketplaces with your website’s shopping cart and list to all channels individually, as well as in bulk

Manage all of your sales channels from one single platform and reduce your time spent dealing with orders by 40%

What our customers say about us

We use Expandly to manage our orders across four sales platforms. Having all the order information in one place and being able to mark as shipped on the platform has saved us lots of time in processing orders. Customer support is incredible - queries are usually resolved within a couple of hours.

Suman, Online Greetings Cards

Our Integrations

Amazon Integration

Expandly is an Amazon seller tool that provides Amazon sellers with a central interface through which they can manage listings, inventory and order management across their marketplaces and shopping carts.

Expandly is designed to help you comply with Amazon requirements for listings, and that all essential data is inputted. Expandly supports FBA listings and your FBA orders are downloaded for reporting. Expandly also supports other Amazon-specific features such as gift wrapping.

Find out everything about Amazon Multichannel and integration options.

Link Amazon with:

eBay & Amazon Marketplace Integration
Shopify & Amazon Marketplace Integration
Magento & Amazon Marketplace Integration
WooCommerce & Amazon Marketplace Integration
Zencart & Amazon Marketplace Integration
OpenCart & Amazon Marketplace Integration
PrestaShop & Amazon Marketplace Integration
and more.

Ebay Integration

Expandly provides eBay sellers with the ability to manage listings, inventory and order management data across all their sales channels from a single login.

The Expandly interface ensures you comply with eBay formatting requirements for your listings, whilst creating multi sales channel product descriptions making it quick and easy to start selling new items on eBay.

Find out everything about Ebay Multichannel and integration options.

Link eBay with:

Amazon & Ebay Marketplace Integration
Shopify & Ebay Marketplace Integration
Magento & Ebay Marketplace Integration
WooCommerce & Ebay Marketplace Integration
Zencart & Ebay Marketplace Integration
OpenCart & Ebay Marketplace Integration
PrestaShop & Ebay Marketplace Integration and

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