“You’re a wizard Harry,” or you at least you’ll certainly feel like one with Expandly’s new setup wizard – making onboarding with our multi-channel management software easier than ever. 

While our multi-channel management software makes selling across multiple sales channel(s) easy, getting set up wasn’t the easiest. 

There are a few integrations to activate and settings to confirm. Although these are just clicks of buttons and confirmation of details, some of our customers were getting a little lost. 

To help, earlier this year we released clearer and friendlier user and videos guides, while we began working on a flashy new setup wizard. 

Screenshot of Expandly setup wizard

Today, we’re excited to announce the official release of the Expandly setup wizard. It guides you through setting up all of the essentials and, if you want, some non-essentials to get you using and benefiting from Expandly sooner (just in time for Christmas). 

The key steps covered include:


? Inventory and merge settings

? Adding sales channel(s)

? Importing listings

? Mapping order statuses

? Adding shipping carriers

? Adding taxes, brands and variations

? Setting up Xero


For new customers, the setup wizard is the first thing you’ll see when you log on. For existing customers, you can access the wizard under the Configuration settings in the main menu. And for old trialists who could have done with a setup wizard, you can reactivate your free trial here


About Expandly

Expandly multi-channel management software makes selling online, printing shipping labels and sending orders to Xero simple. Plus, with our new setup wizard, you can get started quicker than ever before. 

To see for yourself, book in for a free demo today. 

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