Expandly is a multichannel eCommerce platform that helps independent online businesses sell more through their websites and marketplaces.

More online sales mean we have some very happy customers! This being said, an increase in sales = more parcels and an uptick in cardboard waste

Our Environmental Effort

We recognise the impact that this has on the environment, which is why Expandly is excited to work alongside Greenspark; to help employ and empower people living in extreme poverty around the world to fight deforestation and alleviate poverty. 

We hope to support the development of forests to offset our environmental footprint and take action against climate change. 

As an Earth Positive company, Expandly will plant a tree for every subscription sold. This means that now, by signing up to Expandly, you help us to support local communities in planting trees in nurseries and project sites in Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya, Nicaragua and Honduras. 

The Journey So Far

To kickstart our #eCommerceForChange initiative, we’ve planted a tree for every one of our existing customers and one for each Expandly team member

Simply by becoming a Greenspark member, we’ve helped rescue 100 plastic bottles from the ocean and offset 1.42 tonnes of CO2. That’s 1.5 roundtrip flights from London to Los Angeles worth of carbon saved! ✈️☀️

Make a positive impact with us today or, to turn your eCommerce business into a force for good, visit: www.getgreenspark.com


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