Last month we featured eCommerce giant Shopify in all their glory and this month, they added another string to their bow…or should that be another bounce to their serve?

Introducing Shopify Ping

A new, and free, Shopify app that helps you to stay in touch with your customers in one place. Shopify Ping pulls your Facebook Messenger, chatKit and messages all into the Shopify Ping app – allowing you to easily engage with your eCommerce customers.

Why Is This Good News?

Because of time. Much like multichannel selling, flipping between different apps is time-consuming, difficult to keep on top of and risks errors. And much like multichannel selling software, Ping will help you stay on track with your customer communications, increasing your brand’s reputation and saving you time.

Give That To My PA

Shopify Ping also comes with Kit built in – the virtual Shopify assistant that helps handle your marketing by:

– Recommending marketing opportunities

– Creating and posting Facebook and Instagram ads

– Sending customised emails to your customers about products they’ve bought and ones they haven’t, yet

– Connecting with your other Shopify apps

How Can I Get It?

Head over to Shopify Ping’s website, where you can sign up to be first in queue upon release.

What Should I Do With All My New Time

If you’re not already multichannel selling, book a demo with Expandly to see how you can save even more time and then use your time to concentrate on what you’re good at – growing your business.


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