Handmade powerhouse Etsy is always trying to create a better platform for buyers and increased sales for sellers. Testing is, therefore, a continuous activity for the online marketplace but, unlike Amazon and eBay, they want you to get involved. 


Etsy is the global online marketplace, that provides you with a platform to list homemade and creative products, whilst Etsy processes the orders for you. Much like Amazon and eBay.


With a community of 1.9m sellers and over 33.3m buyers , Etsy has a lot of data. It uses this data to develop new and innovative ways to attract buyers and inspire purchases.

Their in-house team of data scientists, crunch this data and gather research, to create new feature ideas. Once formulated, a hypothesis about the idea is created and then sent for testing by you, the Etsy community.

New test features appear only to a small percentage of sellers and buyers – meaning that if you are specially selected, you are doing a good dead for the entire Etsy community.

Etsy measure interaction with the new feature and monitor the impact that this has on the end result – ultimately deciding whether the test become a permanent change.

Current Tests

Some of the current tests include:

A ‘see more colours’ button under the listing card in the search results

Different ways of highlighting a shop’s sale

Limited-time offers to potential new buyers

An option to highlight interest in a sold-out item

Recently Completed Tests

Some of the recently completed tests include:

An ‘add to cart’ button on recently viewed and recently favourited listings

Highlighting items that are on sale and that ship quickly

Promoting Etsy’s sales event on the listings page

Product reviews on the listing card in the search results

Your Views Count

Etsy wants your feedback. If you want to share your views on current or recent tests, complete their feedback form.

What This Means For Multichannel Sellers

eCommerce is a constantly evolving area and Etsy is working hard to stay current and to increase buyers and purchases.Their key mission is to help sellers, like you, succeed and our simple message is: take advantage. If you’re not already selling on Etsy, you are missing out on a large population of buyers.

Adding Etsy to your to eCommerce marketplaces is hard work but is made all the easier with multichannel management software.



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