We all know that you accountants (and bookkeepers) love tinkering with spreadsheets, but eCommerce clients take that to another level. Importing sale orders from the client’s sales channel(s) into Xero has always been a nightmare, despite the integrations, CSV spreadsheets and apps that are meant to make it easier. At Expandly, we’re here to make the transfer of data from sales channel(s) into Xero seamless, quick and (even better) automatic. 

Xero for eCommerce clients

Xero makes life easier. eCommerce also makes life easier. So why are they both making your life so hard? Transferring sales data from sales channel(s) into Xero is time-consuming, error-prone and, frankly, quite annoying. Currently, you’re either:

1. Exporting and uploading orders to Xero via CSV – which unfortunately also involves amending the CSV, adding tax rates and approving each order in Xero (if the sales channel even supports CSVs).

2. Manually typing sales orders into Xero – with the obvious downsides of time, errors and, come April 2019, being non-MTD compliant (as well as being completely un-21st century).

3. Using specifically designed apps (such as A2X and BoldCommerce) – which unfortunately don’t work across sales channel(s) – meaning more software not to mention reaching Xero’s soft transaction limit.

Three solutions, none of which are ground-breaking for your practice. But, wait.

Expandly for eCommerce accountants and bookkeepers

Welcome, Expandly – the accountant’s secret tool for easily pushing sales orders from Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wish and shopping carts (including Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and more) into Xero. No spreadsheet, manual typing or long list of apps required. And, now it’s even easier with our Xero 2.0 integration:

1. Linking sales channel(s) with Xero

Expandly creates a digital link between sales channel(s) and Xero, syncing orders to Xero without spreadsheets or manual input – perfect for MTD compliance.

2. Automatically pushing sales orders to Xero

Even better, you can set up Expandly to automatically send orders to Xero on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Xero is kept up-to-date, and you just sit back and watch.

3. Grouping orders into one invoice

You can also set Expandly up to batch sales orders together – sending them as a single group invoice to Xero, avoiding the 1,500 soft transaction limit.

4. Sending orders to the paid section

Expandly can be set up to send these sales orders directly into the paid section of Xero – no more logging in and approving draft invoices.

5. Sending specific sales channel orders to specific accounts

If your client has different bank and sales accounts for different sales channel(s), you can configure this in Expandly – meaning that sales data automatically gets pushed to the right account.

And, Expandly works across multiple sales channel(s) – meaning that you just need one tool to handle everything.

Expandly makes accountants’ and bookkeppers’ lives easier – transferring sales data into Xero quickly, accurately and easily – enabling you to take on more eCommerce clients.

Expandly partnership

If it sounds like we’ve answered your dreams, get in touch today at [email protected] to speak about our eCommerce accountant and bookkeeping partnerships.

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