On a dark, dark night, in a cold, wet street an eCommerce entrepreneur was sat burning the midnight oil, logging into eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Wish and their own shopping cart to *gulp* manually enter and duplicate new listings, check each online marketplace for new orders, individually print picking lists, shipping labels and invoices, update stock levels by hand and *wince* create his own reports: *SCREAM*.

But multichannel selling doesn’t have to be a Halloween nightmare.

Multichannel management software is a cost-effective way to make multichannel selling a dream through:

1. Product Listings  

Create, upload, list and edit products to each of your multiple sales channel(s) from a central location and in bulk. This includes your descriptions, images and site-specific information for Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wish and Wish. 

2. Order Management 

View, process, track and download all of your orders from a central location, as well as creating and batch printing packing slips, pick lists and invoices, whilst simultaneously updating the data on each of your sales platforms. 

3. Inventory Management 

Live inventory syncs your stock across all of your sales channel(s), preventing over-selling and allowing you to manage your stock levels and fulfil customer expectations (saving your brand and reputation in the process). No more ring-fencing. 

4. Shipping 

Multichannel management software integrates directly with shipping carriers, allowing you to batch print shipping labels, invoices and other paperwork while sending this information directly to your sales channel(s). 

5. Reporting and Accounting 

Integrate your data directly into your accounting software, as well as having central access to all of your data; again reducing the need to manually retype in accounting and order information and allowing you to keep track of your business and make informed business decisions.  

Expandly: Treat.


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