Things in eCommerce move fast. One minute Amazon is a bookstore and the next minute you’re shouting at Alexa to re-order paper towels. Keeping up can be challenging, but keeping up is crucial for long-term success. This week, we’re sharing our top eCommerce news sites for staying relevant and ahead of the game. 

Top eCommerce news sites

There are plenty of eCommerce resources out there, but this blog we’re focusing specifically on eCommerce news (we’ll save eCommerce knowledge sharing for another blog). So, what are the best eCommerce news sites here and across the world?

1. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a handy little tool that emails you hourly, daily, weekly or custom updates on news about your keywords. Simple set up a few keywords such as “eCommerce,” “retail,” “Amazon,” or even “[that competitor you want to get ahead of]” and you’ll receive custom alerts straight to your inbox. 

2. TameBay 

Another great source of inbox news is TameBay. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive a daily download of all things eCommerce and retail, including access to exclusive survey results and insights. The main topics covered by TameBay include merchants, retailer and brands, suppliers, insiders, marketplaces, topics and how-tos. 

3. Expandly monthly eCommerce news roundup 

If daily news updates feel a little too overwhelming for your already packed inbox, then our very own Expandly monthly eCommerce news roundup is the answer. Providing a quick and enjoyable overview of the previous month’s highs and lows, you learn about all the important stuff – maximising your use of time. 

4. Practical eCommerce

Those looking for eCommerce news spanning the whole spectrum of marketplaces, analytics, design, finance, marketing, SEO and shipping need look no further than PracticaleCommerce. Publishing expert insights by leading eCommerce practitioners, consultants and journalists you can stay up-to-date while learning a thing or two, too. 

5. TechCrunch

If it’s the technological advancements and updates that interest you most, TechCrunch’s eCommerce section is ideal. Covering all things tech-eCommerce related, you can stay current on what’s happening across the world and what the future of eCommerce technology looks like. 

6. Business Insider E-Commerce

Similarly, if it’s the business side of eCommerce news that you want to keep up with, Business Insider’s E-Commerce section shares the latest eCommerce finance, retail and advertising news from across the world. Discover what the big names are up to and what this means for the future of your store. 

7. Crunchbase 

Another fantastic eCommerce business news source is CrunchBase. Posting the latest takeovers, raises, investments and valuations, CrunchBase is useful for those interested by start-up, scale-up and enterprise news and developments. 

8. RetailDive

Heading over the pond, RetailDive is an excellent source for American retail news. Covering everything from partnerships, pop-ups, closures, takeovers and more, if you’re selling in the US, this is a must-read. 

9. Forbes Retail

Also American-focused is Forbes Retail. Bringing you high-level business retail news, Forbes gives you a great overall industry insight – keeping you up-to-date about the greater goings-on. 

10. eCommerce News Europe

If you’re a little close to home, then eCommerce News Europe is a brilliant source for all European eCommerce and retail news. They also have a heft events section, ensuring that you’re as up-to-date online as you are in person. 

11. Retail Gazette

Back in the UK, Retail Gazette is an online publication that covers the retail industry as a whole. With news on product categories, tech, general retail, eCommerce, grocery and more, you’ll struggle to find a more catch-all news source. 

12. eCommerceFuel

While eCommerce Fuel is technically a member-only eCommerce community, their public blog contains useful news updates on the industry. Termed “News Cart”, Andrew Youderian shares the latest eCommerce news relevant to online sellers. 

13. Digital Commerce 360

Unlucky for some, but not , coming in at number 13 on our top eCommerce news sits. A mix of news and advertorials, Digital Commerce 360 blends high-level and close-to-home retail news on sellers large and small – helping you to stay competitive.

14. Online marketplaces

And last, but not least, each online marketplace has its own news source for news and updates on the platform. Whether you’re looking for seller news, customer stories, or marketing updates – there will be a forum, press release or email to help. 

How to make the most of eCommerce news sites

It’s all well and good saving these websites to your mammoth of a bookmarks list and promising to sit back with a cuppa and read them every Friday afternoon. It’s another thing keeping this up with things get busy, manic or Black Friday-ish. 

This is when less can be more. A monthly newsletter is going to be much easier to keep up with, rather than daily emails that get saved by forgotten. You might also find it useful joining these news sites on social media, so that you can keep up-to-date when scrolling through Twitter of an evening, rather than trying to do it when you’re busy fulfiling orders and listing items. 

Our top tips for keeping on top are:

  • Opt for monthly or weekly newsletters where possible
  • Look for a news source that delivers the content most relevant to your interests and business
  • Following your favourite news sources on social media
  • Set aside an afternoon per month to catch up and make any necessary plans to deal with the news. 
  • Don’t forget to follow your online marketplace and eCommerce platform for news too. 

If you have an eCommerce news source that we haven’t mentioned, but you swear by it, then let us know over on Twitter


About Expandly

Expandly is a multi-channel eCommerce software provider, but we also know a thing or two (or three) about the eCommerce industry. Our monthly eCommerce news roundup blog succinctly tells you what important (and relevant) went on the eCommerce world last month – helping you to stay on track without wasting your time with irrelevant updates. 

Watch this space for a round up of this month’s eCommerce updates, coming shortly. 

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