As shopping cart expert Magento reaches its 12th birthday, we thought it a perfect opportunity to look at the 12 best Magento extensions out there. 

So, whether setting up a Magento store or you’re an old hand, we’ve narrowed fown the best Magento extensions for taking your eCommerce business further.

1. Expandly – Magento multi-channel extension

We had to appear somewhere, so why not at the top? Expandly’s Magento app allows you to sell on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wish and Wish alongside your Magento store.

Log into the Expandly central platform to push multi-channel listings, manage all orders, bulk print shipping labels, send Magento orders to Xero and run all of your reports.

Price: From $55 p/month

More info: Here


2. Magento 2 Live Chat Extension

With more than half of all customers prefering live chat over telephone, Land of Coder’s live chat extension is a crucial Magento plugin.

The clean and clear interface comes with notifications, auto-record, product recommendations and more to help you deliver the best live chat experience for your customers.

Price: From $69 p/year

More info: Here


3. PowerSync – Salesforce CRM Integration

Helping customers around the world to close big deals faster, Salesforce is a popular tool for larger businesses. PowerSync’s Magento Salesforce connector automatically synchronizes your Magento customer records with Salesforce – allowing you to avoid unecessary data entry.

Even better, customer data updates in Magento are automatically updated in Salesforce.

Price: $2988

More info: Here


4. Product Return RMA

Product returns aren’t ideal but handled well they can lead to repeat custom and positive reviews. Product Return RMA enables your customers to request a return or exchange with very little effort.

Customers simply select the return reason, print and shipping label and away they go – saving both you and them time.

Price: $49

More info: Here


5. FireCheckout – One Step Checkout

Checkout optimisation can help to overcome cart abandonment and increase conversions by 35.62%. Templates Master’s one step checkout helps to encourage customers over the line quickly and seamlessly by streamlining all checkout steps on one page.

With customers seeing a 65% improvement in checkout time, this is an extention you shouldn’t live without. Bonus – it comes with multiply modules, four themes and five types of checkout page layouts – allowing you to fully customise the buyer expeirence. 

Price: $189


6. Magmodules – Product Review Reminder

Reviews are super important when it comes to selling online with 93% of customers being influenced by reviews when purchasing. But remembering to ask customers to leave reviews can be difficult and time consuming.

Magmodules’ Product Review Reminder is one of the best Magento extensions when it comes to reminding customers to leave a review. The fully automated system prompts customers to respond after “x” days and can even offer them a coupon for doing so.

Price: $65

More info: Here


7. Templates Master – Page Speed

Best Magento Extensions - Templates Master (1)

Another one from the team at Templates Master and this one is all about speed. Website errors, crashes and speed are the seventh most common reason for cart abandonment, and with good reason – who wants to hang around for a website to load.

The Page Speed Magento plugin gives you all of the tools needed for reducing your page loading time.

Price: $79

More info: Here


8. AppJetty – MageMob App Builder

With m-commerce becoming an increasingly significant industry in its own right, you’ll no doubt be thinking about a mobile app now or in the future.

MageMob App Builder powers you to build a customized mobile app for your Magento store without any extensive development work or fees.

Price: From $399

More info: Here


9. AppJetty – MageMob Admin

Best Magento Extensions - MagMob Admin

Speaking of mobiles, AppJetty’s sister app, MageMob Admin, enables you to run your Magento store from your phone.

Using the Android or iPhone app, you can update stock, view order details download reports and more – all from your phone. You can even set up mobile alerts so that you’re never out of the loop.

Price: $79

More info: Here


10. ThemeZaa – Advanced Product Video

Product photos are great but videos are even better. Showcasing your products in action, videos can be used to engage website visitors while giving them a clearer product view. And it can be a game changer for your product and help to boost your sales.

ThemeZaa’s Advanced Product Video extension enables you to upload videos from Vimeo, YouTube and your computer and then quickly assign them to your products. You can also add multiple videos and display those as grid or carousel.

Price: $49


11. Yotpo – Reviews

Best Magento Extensions - Yotpo reviews

Yotpo’s seamless integration with your Magento store allows you to easily collect and display customer content through out the buyer journey.

Fill your key touchpoints with user reviews, photos and videos to improve trust, offer social proof and encourage sales.

Price: From free

More info: Here


12. Aheadwords – Search Autocomplete & Suggest

Helping your customers to find the products their looking for as quickly as possible is really important for retaining attention. Aheadwork’s Search Automcomplete & Suggest is just the tool.

Once activated, the plugin provides customers with a dropdown of intelligent suggestions once a customer start typing – speeding up their search as well as cross-selling other products.

Price: $99

More info: Here


The best Magento extentions – final thoughts

Magento is a poweful eCommerce platform and so it’s only fitting that you have the most powerful apps to complement it. We’d love to hear your best Magento extensions and apps for supercharging your store – join the conversation on social media


About Expandly

Expandly multi-channel management software integrates directly with your Magento account – allowing you to easily replicate your efforts on other sales channel(s). Push listings, manage orders, print shipping labels and send Magento orders to Xero – all from one simple platform. 

Find out more with a free trial. 

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