Earlier this week we were talking listing software – specifically the best eBay listing tool for your eBay business. In the fourth part of our “Selling on eBay Series”, we’re delving a little deeper. Amazon to eBay listing software deeper. Let’s crack on.

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What is Amazon to eBay listing software?

Amazon and eBay listing software sits nicely in the middle between you, Amazon and eBay. It allows you to create and push listings to both Amazon and eBay. 

Amazon to eBay listing software comes with the additional ability to send Amazon listings to eBay and eBay listings to Amazon. 

Why would you need Amazon to eBay listing software?

Good question. Amazon to eBay listing tools are intended for online sellers who:

 ? Sell on Amazon and want to sell the same products on eBay;

 ? Sell on eBay and want to sell the same products on Amazon; and

 ? Are looking to sell on both Amazon and eBay now or in the future. 

What are the benefits of Amazon to eBay listing software?

Another stellar question. An Amazon to eBay listing tool is beneficial to these sellers because:

It reduces duplication

Writing a listing for Amazon and then writing the same listing for eBay is a repetitive task that you don’t need in your life. eBay to Amazon listing software pulls all of the data from your Amazon (or eBay) listing, allowing you to duplicate the listing to eBay. 

It saves time

Removing that duplication from your life also saves you time – time that’s better spent elsewhere in your eCommerce business or on the sofa. 

It reduces errors

The more you type the same thing out, the more you’re likely to make an error. Creating one perfect listing and duplicating it reduces the chances of a pesky error happening. 

It helps expansion

Being able to pull your listings from Amazon into eBay quickly makes expanding into multi-channel selling a whole lot easier. Which makes growing your business a whole lot easier too. 

What to look for in an Amazon to eBay listing tool?

If you’re liking what you’re hearing, then the next step is finding the right eBay to Amazon listing software for your business. You only have to do a Google search to see that there are a lot of options – but that choice is made all the easier when you consider:

Product and ASIN search

The ability to import your existing listings from Amazon and eBay is great, but the ability to run product and ASIN searches is even better. This allows you to find and duplicate individual listings. 

Editing functionality

Amazon and eBay’s listing templates, item specifics and even audiences aren’t exactly the same. Therefore, you want a piece of kit that automatically syncs the right information to the right sales channel(s), and that gives you the ability to add sales channel-specific information (such as a Buy it Now price). 


Listing templates

It’s also a nice touch to be able to import and create listing templates to use – especially HTML ones for your eBay store. 

Not sure what an eBay store is? Check out our Starting an eBay Business UK blog for the low-down. 

Inventory sync

If you’re pulling Amazon listings to eBay, then we’re going to take a wild guess that you’re multi-channel selling. Inventory sync is a life-saving listing tool addition that syncs your stock across your sales channel(s) to stop you overselling (and doing it yourself). 

Anything else?

Yes. If you’re looking for an Amazon to eBay tool, then be sure to try out some free trials and live demos. Not only does this give you some free time, but it also allows you to find a tool that you’re comfortable using; and that’s the main thing. 

Listing tools make running your eBay business (and your life) easier. Find the right tool for the job by considering the above functionality and finding a tool that fits. 


About Expandly

Expandly’s Amazon to eBay listing tool allows you to import listings from Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wish or your own eCommerce platform easily and push them to your other sales channel(s). Plus, with inventory sync, order management, shipping integration and Xero functionality – you get more bang for your buck. 



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