The Search for a Solution to Unlock Conversion is Over

Just how do you deliver the best customer shopping experience in today’s eCommerce?   As we see it, the answer is a story of two halves: Support and serve the shopper on-site to make it as easy as possible for them to find and purchase what they came looking for. Ensure seamless order fulfilment; with […]

Feature Spotlight: HS Codes

Introducing our new HS Code functionality and what it can do for you.   As of this week, Expandly has made it possible for users to ensure customs authorities all over the world are able to identify the contents of their packages. New functionality within Expandly allows you to add HS Code (Harmonized Commodity Description […]

Utilising AI Chatbots to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

Customers are not talking directly over the phone that much anymore. Instead, they use messaging on their mobile devices to socialise, evangelise and even publicise every aspect of their lives. Chat channels such as SMS and Whatsapp are the primary way people communicate today.   As such, eCommerce businesses have adopted messengers and chat platforms as […]

5 Sustainability Practices to Adopt Right Now

Being sustainable is more than just a popular trend but an essential goal for all businesses in 2022. As Earth Day approaches, let’s take a look at some ways you can shift your store’s focus towards being more environmentally conscious.   Consumers the world over are showing more and more concern for the future of […]

Our Bid to Do Better

Expandly is a multichannel eCommerce platform that helps independent online businesses sell more through their websites and marketplaces. More online sales mean we have some very happy customers! This being said, an increase in sales = more parcels and an uptick in cardboard waste Our Environmental Effort We recognise the impact that this has on […]

Cart Abandonment Best Practice with PAASE Digital

In 2021, an estimated $4 trillion of goods were abandoned in online shopping carts worldwide.  Whether due to pricing issues, slow-loading sites or simply better deals available elsewhere – there are many potential causes for a customer abandoning their cart. The good news? There are steps that Retailers can take to reignite a customer’s desire for […]

Multichannel eCommerce Software to Future-proof Your Store

If the events of the past couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that the future is hard to predict. Particularly the future of eCommerce.    From consumer behaviour to demand prediction to customer retention, every aspect of online retail has been altered or accelerated since March 2020. As consumers shopped online during the […]

The top eCommerce trends for 2022

A new year brings a whole host of new strategies for eCommerce retailers. Whether it’s technological developments, changes to the customer buying journey or new marketplaces to consider, the eCommerce world is constantly evolving.   During the pandemic, shoppers changed how they purchased goods, with more than 150 million people making their first online purchase […]

Congratulations! Another Record Black Friday for Online Sellers

Despite stock shortages and signs that the emergence of the Omicron COVID-19 variant might have curtailed high street footfall during the Black Friday Cyber Monday shopping period, a 26% increase in purchases makes it clear that Britain’s love of shopping is still very much alive.   As Black Friday in 2020 had been significantly impacted […]

Cross-Selling: Key Strategies to Improve Your Revenue

There’s no such thing as an unimportant sale. Every customer is crucial and, with the right strategies in place, they could end up being even more valuable than you expect.  As an eCommerce retailer, it’s vital that you don’t take your eyes off the ball at any stage of the buying journey. According to Shopify, […]

How to keep new Black Friday Cyber Monday customers coming back

Have you thought about how to turn your Black Friday traffic into regular customers? The BFCM period marks the beginning of the busiest time of the year for retailers; attracting more sales, new customers and lots of lovely pre-Christmas spending.  Losing customers is a natural part of selling online, but it doesn’t have to be […]

Everything you Need to Know About eBay Fulfilment

What is eBay fulfilment, how can you get started and how can it ultimately benefit your eCommerce business? We explore this below. In the world of eCommerce, delivery options can make or break a customer’s decision to purchase. According to eBay, 58% of global customers will purchase goods from one website over another because of […]