• 26th September

    Making eCommerce work for Xero

    The US eCommerce industry is booming - worth a staggering $547,690 million today and predicted to grow an additional 35% by 2023. And its growth is benefitting everyone, from the mumpreneur and lifestyle seller to the big brands and that person in Seattle who had their La Crema Pinot Noir delivered in just nine minutes. But what about the accountant trying to make eCommerce work for Xero? Making e

  • 27th June

    What is Xero certification & why does my eCommerce accountant need it?

    Thanks to this month's theme of eCommerce accounting blogs, you should now know when to hire an eCommerce accountant (or bookkeeper) for your business, and what to look for in an eCommerce accountant or bookkeeper. Now, we're going to look at the importance of a Xero-certified eCommerce accountant - specifically, what is Xero certification and why your accountant needs it.  Xero for eCommerce Xer

  • 20th June

    What to look for in an eCommerce accountant or bookkeeper

    Last week, we discussed the seven tell-tail signs that your eCommerce business is ready to outsource its accounting and hire an eCommerce accountant or bookkeeper. This week, we're taking it one step further, taking a tour of what to look for when hiring an eCommerce accountant or bookkeeper. Let's go. Why it's important to pick the right accountant Involving an accountant in your business means h

  • 4th June

    Going global – using Expandly & Xero’s tracking categories to make international tax easier

    Amazon and eBay have made it incredibly easy for anyone to sell their products internationally. What they haven't made easy is reconciling it in Xero so that the correct local taxes are paid. Whether you're an eCommerce accountant faced with assigning thousands of orders to the correct country, an online seller presented with a large accountancy bill or someone who's been stung in the past - Expan

  • 23rd May

    Expandly’s Xero 2.1 integration – simplifying eCommerce accounting

    Back in January, we released Expandly Xero 2.0 - a Xero eCommerce integration that helps online sellers and their accountants (or bookkeepers) transfer sales orders into Xero easily. Now, we've made it even bigger and better - incorporating seven new features set to dazzle, amaze and (importantly) save time. Xero for eCommerce Pushing Amazon, eBay, Shopify and any other sales channel orders int

  • 18th April

    Hello to Elver Consultancy – our latest bronze eCommerce accounting partner

    The weather is picking up, bank holidays are around the corner and Elver Consultancy has joined Expandly's bronze accounting partnership - good things definitely come in threes.  Elver Consultancy chartered accountants aren't just eCommerce accountants. No, they're an accredited Xero retail and eCommerce specialist accountant - helping eCommerce brands to handle their finances and grow while t