Back in January, we released Expandly Xero 2.0 – a Xero eCommerce integration that helps online sellers and their accountants (or bookkeepers) transfer sales orders into Xero easily. Now, we’ve made it even bigger and better – incorporating seven new features set to dazzle, amaze and (importantly) save time.

Xero for eCommerce

Pushing Amazon, eBay, Shopify and any other sales channel orders into Xero can be hard work. Expandly solves this problem by seamlessly integrating all of your sales channel(s) to:

Send orders to different bank and sales accounts in Xero;

Pre-approve orders to go into Xero’s draft, approved or paid section;

Group invoices together to avoid Xero’s soft transaction limit; and

Schedule this all to happen on a manual, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Expandly’s Xero 2.1 integration

And, it gets even better – with seven new requested features making their way into the integration. From May 2019, Expandly users can now:

1. Link payment methods to bank accounts

Automatically sending orders from different sales channel(s) to different bank/sales accounts was good, but it wasn’t good enough. Now, you can link individual payment methods to different accounts within Xero.

Sending sales orders to Xero - payment methods

2. Send orders to Xero’s tracking categories

A game-changer for eCommerce business owners and their accountants is that you can now use Expandly with Xero’s tracking categories, enabling you to push orders to the appropriate sub-category (Expandly will even create that for you if they don’t already exist). This is extremely useful when you want to separate orders by country, sales channel, payment method or warehouse – allowing you to make bulk changes (such as VAT rates) quickly in Xero.

Sending sales orders to Xero - tracking categories

3. Direct orders to asset accounts

Whether you call them asset, control, suspense or contra accounts, you can now send orders directly there depending on the sales channel and payment method.

Sending sales orders to Xero - asset account

4. Batching invoices

Our Xero 2.0 eCommerce integration allowed you to group invoices to avoid Xero’s soft transaction limit. We’ve tweaked this batching process making it more intuitive. Now, when asking Expandly to batch your invoices together automatically, it will:

– Create separate invoices per currency, sales channel and tax method (included, excluded and no tax); and

– Create separate lines on those invoices per tracking category (if applicable), tax rate and product.

5. Xero’s inventory tracking

Separate lines on your batched invoices not only makes life easier in Xero but it also enables you to use and update Xero’s inventory tracking tool. By separating products per line, Expandly can create and update products in Xero – allowing Xero to track your inventory. You can even update and use the cost price feature.

6. Status

Previously, you could use Expandly to automatically send sales orders to either the draft or paid sections in Xero, which was useful but not great if you wanted to include draft orders in any Xero reporting or reconciliation. So, now you can use Expandly to send orders to the approved section of Xero too – where you can edit before finalising and include in reporting.

7. Automatically sending sales orders to Xero

Yes, we know this was released in the Xero 2.0 update, but it’s so good that we’d like to talk about it twice. We’ve also made some tweaks to ensure that it only sends orders up to midnight of the day before and we’re just about to release an update that will make this time-zone specific (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!)

Getting started with Expandly’s Xero integration

Integrating your sales channel(s) and Xero account using Expandly is easy – take a look:

Additional benefits

And, it’s not just Xero that Expandly helps with. Expandly’s multi-channel eCommerce software also features:

Integrations – with the top sales channel(s), shipping carriers and accounting platform, including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wish, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Royal Mail, USPS and Xero.

Listing management – import, create, duplicate and schedule listings across all of your sales channel(s)

Order management – manage and process orders and returns from one central dashboard

Live inventory management – let Expandly automatically adjust your stock levels on sales channel(s) – preventing overselling and giving you a clearer insight

Shipping features – print pick lists, pack lists and shipping labels, and send orders to multi-channel FBA

Invoicing – create invoices and purchase orders

Reporting – run and create sales reports.

Find out more

To understand more about our Xero eCommerce integration, take a look at our multichannel selling with Xero user guide and video, or for a more personal introduction, book a free demo and or sign up for a free 7-day trial.


About Expandly

Expandly multi-channel management software integrates your eCommerce shopping cart, online marketplaces, shipping carriers and Xero software into one platform – making managing multiple sales channel(s) easily.

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