• 22nd January

    Preparing your eCommerce store for Christmas 2020

    Yes, it's January, and yes, we mentioned the c-word. But don't worry, we haven't gone completely crazy. If you spent last month cursing your annual promise and failure to be ready for Christmas early, then this blog on preparing your eCommerce store for Christmas 2020 is just for you.  "Well, that came around quickly." You say the same thing every year, yet every year it comes as a surprise. Pre

  • 14th January

    Do shoppers want fast delivery?

    Amazon, eBay, Shopify and even Etsy would all have you believe that fast delivery is the secret sauce of successful online selling. But is it? According to a recent survey by parcel data management platform, NetDespatch, just 3% of shoppers want same-day delivery, and only 29% want next-day. That leaves an overwhelming 62% of shoppers happy waiting between 2 - 5 day for this online shopping.  Bu

  • 31st December

    2020 eCommerce trends – our 4 top predictions

    You've made it to the end of another year, and what a year it's been. But while you've been reminiscing about the past 12 months, we've been speaking to industry experts about their predicted 2020 eCommerce trends. So grab a pen and sit back as we share how to prepare for 2020. 1. Direct to consumer Enterprise brands are already beginning to sell direct to consumer (D2C) online, and this trend is

  • 19th December

    Customer retention: turning Christmas shoppers into regular customers

    Christmas has been your busiest time of the year, attracting more sales, new customers and lots of spending. But, before you catch your breath and sit back with a glass of sherry (or two), have you thought about customer retention and turning your Christmas shoppers into regular customers? What is customer retention Customer retention is the process of encouraging customers to return to your onlin

  • 17th December

    eCommerce returns best practice

    More sales equal more returns - it's a natural consequence of a busy Christmas season. But returns don't have to be bad news for your eCommerce store. Find out why (and how) in this week's blog on eCommerce returns best practice. Online returns are expected to increase by 27.3% over the next five years, costing retailers £5.6 billion in the process. And that's only a pinch of the inconvenience th

  • 12th December

    The 4 types of Christmas shoppers & how to target them

    Nearly half of festive shoppers are doing all, or most, of their Christmas shopping online this year - giving you the perfect opportunity to expand your audience and increase sales. But first, these shoppers need to know who you are. To help, we're examining the four types of Christmas shoppers and how to target them this noel.  Why target different types of Christmas shoppers Segmenting your aud