• 14th June

    When to hire an eCommerce accountant or bookkeeper

    Your eCommerce business is going swimmingly. You're busy with orders, you've got plans to scale, and you're starting to delegate and outsource tasks. But what about your accounting? Outsourcing your company accounts is a big step in your eCommerce journey, which is why taking the plunge and knowing when to hire an eCommerce accountant or bookkeeper is difficult - and why we're dedicating a whole b

  • 6th June

    The importance of SKUs in e-commerce

    When working in eCommerce, there's an awful lot of lingo to learn - from FBA and dropshipping to PPC and point-of-sale. But, perhaps the most important lingo of them all is SKU - the three letter acronym that has the power to transform your eCommerce store's efficiency, reporting and profitability. So crucial are SKUs, that we've dedicated a whole blog to the importance of SKUs.  What are SKUs

  • 7th May

    Amazon FBA multi-channel fulfilment (MCF) | Pros, cons & hows

    As an online seller, you'll already be au fait with Amazon FBA - letting them take care of your logistics while you take care of sales. But, as a multi-channel seller, how much do you know about Amazon multi-channel fulfilment or MCA? We're here to explain all, including what Amazon multi-channel fulfilment is, how much it costs, how you go about sending multi-channel orders to FBA, and all the ju

  • 11th April

    Guest blog: Four types of email every product manager needs to know

    Guest blog from Campaign Monitor: Your role as a product manager entails taking on many various jobs. A few of your duties might include setting what features will go on your products, forecasting sales and promoting your products through various marketing channels. All these responsibilities boil down to one central goal: the success of your product via a high volume of sales. To accomplish th

  • 22nd March

    The top Shopify Plus Apps for your store | Expandly

    Last week, we looked at the differences between Shopify and Shopify Plus. This week, we're taking it to the next level, looking at the best Shopify Plus apps for your aspiring eCommerce enterprise.  Recap: what is Shopify Plus? For those of you otherwise entertained last week, Shopify Plus is an eCommerce platform. It offers all of the standard Shopify features, along with advanced functionali

  • 14th March

    What is Shopify Plus? Shopify vs Shopify Plus

    When expanding your eCommerce business to Shopify, you're faced with a decision of Shopify or Shopify Plus. Which one to choose? This blog takes a look at the differences between Shopify and Shopify Plus and how to know which one is right for your business now and in the future.  What is Shopify? Back to basics: Shopify is an eCommerce platform, powering online sellers to create and manage thei