• 22nd October

    Cyber Monday – How to win on the busiest weekend of the year

    Christmas is the busiest time of the year for retail. In 2018, retail sales in December broke the £50bn mark for the first time while Cyber Monday became the largest shopping day of the year. With little over a month until this year's Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, we're sharing our top tips for winning on the busiest weekend of the year.  What is Cyber Monday Cyber Monday marks a day of bar

  • 15th October

    eCommerce Christmas SEO tips: Stand out on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

    It's that's time of year again when the high streets are mayhem, the turkey's getting fat and the internet is awash with Christmas shoppers. But as millions of people rush to Google for that last-minute inspiration, Black Friday bargain and Cyber Monday steal, is your website there? This week, we're sharing our top Christmas SEO tips to make sure you're as popular as Santa.  Christmas chaos Nearl

  • 17th September

    Guest blog: 6 ways AMP can help your eCommerce business’ conversion rates

    Guest blog: We have stepped into a world where mobile is king and those embracing the platform are seeing significant returns. M-Commerce sales are predicted to make up 44.7% of total eCommerce sales this year - a 5% jump in one year. Never has there been a greater need for quicker loading mobile page speeds. In fact, a one-second delay on a mobile website can affect conversion rates by up to 20%

  • 3rd September

    eBay to Xero – how to send orders

    And so the end arrives in our "Selling on eBay" blog series. We've seen everything, from the best eBay listing tool and running an eBay advertising campaign to eBay SEO tools and eBay order management software. But, don't worry, we're not heading off until we've looked at finishing the whole process by sending orders from eBay to Xero. Let's take a look. [mo-optin-form id=2]   Sendi

  • 9th July

    Ecommerce fast shipping best practices for 2019

    Amazon Prime Same-Day delivery now covers more than 30% of the country, Shopify has just announced its two-day fulfilment network, eBay's hiding expensive delivery options, and you're still rocking last year's shipping speeds. If you feel like a fish out of water when it comes to ecommerce shipping, read on, as we uncover the top eCommerce shipping best practices for 2019. What is fast shipping an

  • 27th June

    What is Xero certification & why does my eCommerce accountant need it?

    Thanks to this month's theme of eCommerce accounting blogs, you should now know when to hire an eCommerce accountant (or bookkeeper) for your business, and what to look for in an eCommerce accountant or bookkeeper. Now, we're going to look at the importance of a Xero-certified eCommerce accountant - specifically, what is Xero certification and why your accountant needs it.  Xero for eCommerce Xer