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Multi-Channel Selling: Just do it

Nike has taken the plunge to start selling its products directly on Amazon; following a distinct lack of presence on the e-retailer giant’s website. A pilot scheme will see a limited selection of Nike merchandise being sold directly on Amazon, which, if developed into a larger relationship, is predicted to increase the sports brand’s revenue by over […]

What is multichannel management software?

As you spend more time on the internet researching and learning how successfully grow your online retail business, someone is bound to say to you “ah, you need multichannel management software”. What is it and why do you need it? Multichannel Management Software Saves You Time by Linking Marketplaces and Shopping Carts Multichannel software is […]

Eliminate the time wasters and give your business a boost!

In the world of online retail where margins are tight and deliver expectations are high, it pays to only spend time doing the things that make us money and ignore the time wasters. That’s common sense, right? Surprisingly though many businesses waste a huge amount of time just by having poor business processes.  Some businesses […]

Moving from Linnworks to Expandly – The FAQs Answered

With Linnworks recent increase in prices we are being contacted by many of their existing customers looking for a Linnworks alternative. They are understandably interested in the capabilities of Expandly given that it has similar features and is vastly more affordable for small and medium sized businesses. Most end up making the move from Linnworks […]

Killing Bambi – A Profitable Product Strategy

You know Bambi, the darling little creature with the doe eyes and the cute face, that everyone adores despite the fact he’s not pulling his weight? Chances are your product portfolio has a couple of Bambis in it. And guess what, Bambi isn’t doing you any favours. How to spot a Bambi in your product […]

How to easily Link eBay with Shopify

Running a successful eBay account and selling directly through your own website can be a headache if you don’t have a two-way data flow between your eBay account and Shopify web store. Linking your eBay and Shopify accounts has the potential to save you huge amounts of time, help you list your stock for sale across all channels without […]

4 Essential Tips for Small e-Retailers this Christmas

Last year more than 75% of UK customers said they’d buy half their Christmas presents online and 2016 this percentage will be even higher. Increasingly small e-commerce businesses are getting a slice of this Christmas pie and business owners are seeing their festive sales become more substantial. This is great news for small businesses who […]

Why is Expandly Such Great Value?

From the early days our main aim at Expandly was to help small and medium sized businesses to sell globally in the rapidly expanding world of eCommerce. Most importantly we wanted our solution to be affordable to the small business right from their earliest days in business. Amazon, Shopify, Zendesk and Xero all charge in the region […]

Expandly Selected to participate in the Xero summer of Apps

Exciting times at Expandly…We are delighted to be participating in the Xero Summer of Apps!! Xero is beautiful and powerful accounting software and as a Xero Connected App, Expandly pushes Sales orders gained from any online platform directly to Xero. Forget the days of manual order input or uploading csv files, as Expandly takes care of it […]

Expandly Expands into Italy

Expandly are delighted to welcome their first customer from Italy; adding to our total number of countries (and counting!) Italy, boasting the third largest economy in Europe, has seen their e-commerce sales boom in recent years; with e-retailers such as Amazon and eBay all topping the preferred online retailer list. And, with Italian online sales set to reach $19.3 billion […]