From the early days our main aim at Expandly was to help small and medium sized businesses to sell globally in the rapidly expanding world of eCommerce. Most importantly we wanted our solution to be affordable to the small business right from their earliest days in business. Amazon, Shopify, Zendesk and Xero all charge in the region of £20 a month and are all high quality platforms that are cheap yet offer fantastic value for money for the small business. We wanted to do the same.

This meant taking a different approach to our competitors during the design phase offering a feature set specific for small business. Our software, whilst comprehensive is free of the many cumbersome features irrelevant to you as smaller retailers. All told it took 2.5 years to develop and fully test the feature set you see in Expandly today – Expandly was released from Beta in mid 2016.

Things went to plan with our developments and as a result we are able to offer Expandly at exceptional value, with feature capability that rivals Linnworks, Veeqo, Brightpearl and other major eCommerce Management software.

See here how Expandly compares to Linnworks on the major feature groups needed by small businesses:




Import Products Y Y
List Single Products Y Y
List Product Variations Y Y
List Product Images Y Y
Revise Product Images Y Y
Revise Products Y Y
Create Listing Templates Y Y
Import Listing Templates Y Y
Automatically Manage Inventory Y Y
Manually Adjust Inventory Y Y
Download Orders Y Y
Alter Order Statuses Y Y
Update Status to Channel Y Y


*Some Expandly capabilities are only available on some channels. For more information on your specific channel combination contact us.

So will charges ramp up or stay as cheap?

We want you to feel free to grow your business without looking over your shoulder at growing eCommerce management software costs.

We made an early decision to move away from the pricing models used by other eCommerce Management software and specifically build a model that allows you to focus on growing your business without worrying about increasing software charges. As a result we offer Expandly to all businesses at the same flat price per month (link to pricing).

This also means that we don’t ramp up the charges as you take on more sales channel(s), or list more products through your existing channels. We don’t charge more as you take on staff and add users. We also don’t charge more when you sell more. The only additional charges on your account are for shipping or accounting add-ons. You have complete control over whether you use these add-ons or not and can add them when you want to.

We have no current plans to change our pricing policies and believe in staying true to providing an eCommerce management solution that is truly accessible to you as a small business and brings you value day in, day out.

We are always open to discuss any questions you may have about Expandly’s features, or our pricing structure. To find out more about expandly pricing, to speak to our team or book a demo:

About Expandly

Expandly are the provider of multichannel management software for small eCommerce businesses. The Expandly platform was built with the small business in mind, right from the start. It is simple, easy to use and focussed on helping small eCommerce businesses go from home-office or unit to warehouse

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