We all know that eBay is a major competitor to Amazon and Etsy when it comes to eCommerce but eBay is still battling the preconception by many that it is an auction site, for pre-loved (or not so loved) items, rather than somewhere you can instantly click top of the range, cutting-edge, height of fashion goods from the site, to the cart, to your door.

Fill Your Cart With Color Campaign

But that’s about to change. eBay already boasts 1.1 billion listings, with 80% being brand new items. So, back in June 2017 eBay launched a fierce marketing campaign in the US known as ‘Fill Your Cart With Color’. Promoted as a new brand platform and featured across TV, cinemas, social media and out-of-home displays, it advertised a personalised eBay shopping experience, with an eBay homepage responsive to individual interests and individualities – in other words, shopper’s unique colours.

Fill Your Cart with Colour UK Campaign

And now that very same campaign has come to the UK and is already dominating television, digital and social media. Designed to not only get consumers thinking about eBay when they come to purchase goods online but to also celebrate its smaller (and wide range of) sellers as well as the humungous range of goods that eBay has (not just the branded stuff!)

Good News for Multichannel Sellers

So what does this mean for all you eCommerce retailers? You might recall the Power Review research earlier this year, which found:

38% of consumers skip Google and head straight for Amazon; 21% start at brand or retailer sites; and 6% go straight to e-commerce marketplaces such as eBay and Etsy.

eBay is pushing its marketing budget, skills and prowess to push eBay higher on the go-to-automatic-search that online shoppers carry out and to champion its smaller sellers; in other words, they’re doing the hard work for you – all you need to do is be there wherever your shoppers end up – i.e. multichannel selling.

And if you’re not Multichannel Selling?

There’s someone who can do the hard work for you on that one too. Multichannel management software is not only easy to use but it is affordable. It saves you time, helps with inventory management and order management, all whilst increasing your sales and customer base. Plus it is quick and simple to link your eBay, Amazon and Etsy accounts, along with your shopping cart – allowing you to manage listings, orders, shipping and accounting easily. We like to think of it as a no-brainer and so do our customers!


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