We’ve featured eBay a lot recently but when they keep releasing new and engaging buyer features, like this one, it’s really hard not to. 

eBay’s 2017 Updates

In 2017 we saw eBay release a number of features that made buying on the eCommerce platform more fun, engaging and unique:

Image Search: Enabling buyers to search based on images rather than text

Find it on eBay: Enabling buyers to share social media images with eBay and be redirected to the product (or similar product) page on eBay

Subconscious shopping: Enabling visitors to the Art of Shopping concept space to use EEG headsets in order to create a personalised eBay shopping cart

eBay’s 2018 Updates

2017 was promptly followed by 2018 and eBay’s announcement of its new Why to Buy feature. Using signal intelligence and machine learning, the mobile app providers shoppers with personalised and relevant reasons why they might want to buy this particular item.

eBay also promised to carry on rolling out more AI features throughout the year…and they weren’t lying.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

True to their word, eBay has released yet another AI buying tool, that continues to turn shopping on the online marketplace an immersive and engaging experience: Shop the Celebrity Look.

The new Shop the Celebrity Look platform contains fashion-based articles, on various trends, that contain four shoppable celebrity images.  Fashionistas can hover directly over the celebrity’s look to shop the exact items or, for those of us without the celebrity budget, similar items, worn by the celebrity shown.

Bringing “clothing to life in a new and exciting way”

Murray Lambell (eBay UK’s Vice President) is excited and so are we. Celebrity style and influencer shopping is huge right now and by making it easier for buyers to shop their sought-after looks, eBay is set to increase their 170 million active buyers and that can only be good news for eCommerce sellers using the platform.

What Do You Need To Do?

Shop the Celebrity Look uses AI to work; eBay isn’t selecting its favourite sellers here. Top tips to ensure that your products are in with a chance of being featured:

Have clear photographs of your products

Ensure that your product descriptions are clear and item information complete

Get your products into the hands of celebrities and influencers, where possible

Get on eBay

eBay is continuing to make its mark as a key online marketplace platform; if you’re not already selling on there, now is the time to add it to your portfolio. Multichannel management software, such as Expandly, makes doing this quick, easy and from one central location.


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