Not to be confused with beatboxing (but perhaps just as hard) Amazon’s Buy Box is at the top of any Amazon seller’s wish list and here’s why:

What is the Amazon Buy Box?

The Buy Box is the box on an Amazon product page where online buyers add an item to their basket. Simple? Hold that thought.

If the product in question is sold by more than one seller, only the Buy Box winner will appear in the Buy Box. All other sellers will appear in the ‘other sellers on Amazon box’.


Winning the Buy Box dramatically increases your chances of sales. Want in on that competition? Of course you do.

How do I Win the Amazon Buy Box?

Not so simple. In the cryptic words of Amazon:

“A seller’s eligibility to win the Buy Box is tied to specific seller performance criteria that identify the sellers who have consistently provided customers with a great buying experience on the site.”


Amazon won’t say what the high standards required to become eligible for Buy Box are but your chances are dramatically increased if you focus on the following:

1. Competitive Pricing

Being the cheapest around won’t guarantee you pole position but being the most expensive will likely result in a red flag. Consider and regularly review your total price (including VAT and shipping) and keep it competitive.

2. Availability

You’ve got to have the product in stock to be eligible and then you’ve got to maintain stock levels so that an order is never placed for an out of stock item. Good inventory management is essential.

3. Fulfilment

Offering multiple shipping options or, even better yet, using Amazon’s fulfilment service, will further increase your chances.

4. Customer Experience

This includes seller rating feedback, the speed of delivery and customer experience.

Multichannel eCommerce software can make constantly meeting these requirements a breeze, especially if you are selling on Amazon alongside eBay, Etsy and your own shopping cart (such as Shopify and WooCommerce). With the ability to link shopping carts and sales channel(s), order management,  live inventories and shipping and accountancy integrations, it is considered the key to helping unlock the Buy Box.

Runner-Up Prizes

Failure to win the Buy Box isn’t all doom and gloom. Up to three alternative eligible sellers are displayed under the buy box in the ‘more buying choices’ box.

So that’s Amazon’s Buy Box: A little less Justin Timberlake but guaranteed to rock your body nonetheless.


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