In an effort to make online shopping even more fun eBay has announced plans to make augmented reality a reality for both you and your buyers and here’s what it means for you:


Last year, eBay delved into artificial intelligence and machine learning by releasing new features such as: Image Search, Find it on eBay and subconscious shopping but those are so last year.


We’re already au fait with eBay’s new Why to Buy feature, released this January, and they aren’t stopping there with their futuristic releases. They plan to roll out a series of augmented reality features that will make shopping and selling online easier, more fun and something that even Tomorrow’s World would be jealous of; with augmented reality.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a live view of a real-world environment, enhanced by a computer. This is different from virtual reality, which is an artificial simulation of a real-life environment, produced by a computer.

eBay plans to use this technology to improve both the buying and selling experience on its online marketplace.

How eBay’s AR Might Work For Buyers

eBay has already demonstrated how this might work for buyers, in the new release of its eBay Fashion iPhone app. The new See It On feature, allows fashionistas to virtually try on sunglasses and clothes, through the use of AR. All the benefits of a physical changing room, without a limit on items or the need to get undressed. Result.

How eBay’s AR Might Work For Sellers

One suggestion of how AR features could benefit sellers is by helping you to choose the right packaging. Allowing sellers to virtually overlay an envelope or box over the item for sale, they will be able to accurately and correctly assign a parcel size and postage cost.

What Does This Mean For You?

Whether these features are gimmicky or will revolutionise the way people shop online, they are sure to improve buyer experience and with improved buyer experience, comes returning and loyal customers. eBay hopes these two new features will help to increase its 171 million buyers and 370 million app downloads.

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