As shopping cart giant Magento celebrates its tenth birthday, we talk about ten things you might not have known about the eCommerce platform:


1. Magenta is an open-source platform, enabling you to customise and modify your shopping cart to best suit you.

2. Development of Magento started in early 2007 with the first public beta being available for download on 31 August 2007 (we know what they spent their summer bank holiday doing!)

3. In February 2011 eBay owned 49% of Magento…

4. Increasing it to 100% in June 2011…

5. and then Magento went back to being independent in 2015.

6. Magento runs an annual eCommerce conference, with more than 600 merchants, partners and developers attending.

7. It handles over $100 billion in gross merchandise volume per year.

8. Magento is supported by over 300 solution and technology partners and more than 150,000 developers. That’s a big community.

9. Big customers include Canon Australia, Kurt Geiger, Graze, Burger King and SEAT.

10. Magento is just one of over 25 different shopping carts that multichannel management platform Expandly seamlessly integrates with.


So join us is singing Happy Birthday Magento – save us a slice!

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