eBay turns 22 this week so let’s celebrate with 22 facts about the commerce giant:



1. eBay wasn’t always so called – it started out as the self-explanatory AuctionWeb.

2. The first item sold was a broken laser pointer…to a broken laser pointer collector.

3. eBay didn’t open in the UK until 1999, four years after the US.

4. The first item sold in the UK was a CD by the German rock band Scorpions.

5. eBay’s first employee, Chris Agarpao still works there (congratulations Chris!)

6. The oldest known pair of Levi’s were sold on eBay, back to Levi Stauss & Co.! $46,000

7. eBay was one of the first companies to launch an iPhone app, which today has had over 359 million downloads

9 (that last one was two facts – cheeky!. The most expensive item sold on eBay was a yacht for $168m

10. There are 169 million active buyers on eBay in 190 markets

11. 67% of transactions in Q1 2017 were shipped for free

12. A piece of Lego is purchased every 18 seconds on eBay Germany

13. A pair of ladies’ shoes is purchased every 8 seconds in the UK – staggering!

14. There are approximately 1.1 billion eBay marketplace live listings

15. 80% of items sold on eBay are new items

16. here are nearly 2,000 eBay millionaires in Europe, demonstrating how eBay can help businesses grow and succeed.

17. The millionth item sold on eBay was a Big Bird jack-in-the-box

18. eBay has its own song…

19. and bible!

20. They employ around 12,600 people globally – that’s more than the population of Belgium (people not waffles!)

21. The building at eBay HQ are named after eBay categories.

22. eBay is one of the platforms that Expandly integrates with

So join Expandly in wishing eBay many happy returns!

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