JD Sports, one of the leading sports, fashion and outdoor brands retailers, is celebrating its outstanding half-year results and attributes special thanks to multichannel management helping them to reach the top of their game.  

Showcasing a 41% rise in revenue and a 33% rise in group profit, JD Sports are outperforming competitors even on tough terrain; the UK is currently experiencing its highest inflation rate in the past five years (2.9%).

No sporting achievement is without its thanks though and Executive Chairman Peter Cowgill recognised this stating that:

“the strength of our highly differentiated multichannel proposition” was a huge contributor to the resounding results.

Selling both instore and online, Peter Cowgill intends to continue JD Sports’ winning streak by:

“continu[ing] to invest in brand relationships and our various fascias to ensure that our multichannel proposition retains its dynamic appeal and elevates the consumer experience, enabling our customers to interact with us when, where and through the channel of their choice”.

JD sports’ embracement of multichannel selling, alongside their growth in physical store space, means that their customers can “shop seamlessly across all channels” and is an excellent example of how this can directly contribute to growth, profit and success.

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