The Royal Mail has released their Delivery Matters reports for 2017 and the findings are interesting. Very interesting. So enough type and let’s get straight to the facts to see what they mean for multichannel sellers:

What Shoppers Search Amazon, eBay and Etsy For

Facts: Many online shoppers have preconceptions about what the big three offer and the research suggests that these still stand with:

60% using Amazon to search for a range of items

64% using eBay for bargain hunting

42% heading to Etsy for something ‘unique’

Multichannel selling: This highlights the importance of appearing on Amazon, eBay and Etsy, as well as your own online marketplace. Doing so, ensures that you capture shoppers who are bypassing Google and heading straight to their favourite online marketplace. Multichannel software, such as Expandly, easily integrates your shopping cart with Amazon, eBay and Etsy, giving you no excuse for not appearing on all three.

How Shoppers Get To Online Marketplaces

Facts: 58% of shoppers use a search engine when looking for things to buy.

Multichannel selling: By selling on Etsy, eBay and Amazon, as well as your own shopping cart, you will have even more success at being top of the pops for search-engine shoppers.

Phone vs Computer

Facts: Computer is still nailing it, with 86% of online consumers using their laptop or desktops, compared to 43% using their smartphone or tablet.

Multichannel selling: eBay, Amazon and Etsy all have great websites and mobile apps, meaning that you can take advantage whatever device your potential customers are using.

Most Popular Items

Facts: Clothing is still the most popular online item, accounting for 32% of online shopping. Hot on the heels (literally) are….books with 31% and CDs/DVDs/video games at 24%.

Items more likely to be bought through a marketplace seller, rather than an online retailer are (drum roll please):

– books

– CDs/DVDs/records (yes, we’re still in 2018)/games

– Personalised items

– Second-hand clothes

Multichannel selling: Online marketplaces are preferred for a number of purchases, highlighting the importance of using them, even when selling through your own shopping cart, such as Shopify or Magento.

How Often

Facts: We do our grocery shop like clockwork but what about our online shopping. A huge 80% of Amazon shoppers buy at least monthly, with 17% doing so weekly (hello, Amazon Dash). Whilst over at eBay, 76% of shoppers are there monthly and 16% weekly. Deal hunters.

Multichannel selling: Multichannel software, such as Expandly, easily compiles reports from across your sales channel(s) to work out what you’re selling, when and where so that you can easily plan your stock, sales and strategies.

The Importance of Delivery

Facts: 90% of online shoppers said that the cost of delivery was an important factor when buying from online marketplaces. 62% preferred free home delivery, whilst 29% preferred click and collect options.

Multichannel selling: Expandly‘s listing management feature, allows you to easily update you listings across all sales channel(s) and shopping carts, to add free delivery. Simple.


Facts: Online returns are relatively small, yet still, 59% of online shoppers say that the returns experience impacts the rating they give to sellers and 62% would be unlikely to shop again after a negative returns experience.

Multichannel selling: Multichannel management software provides you with inventory management – meaning that returns are quickly and easily processed, with stock levels being simultaneously updated on all of your sales channel(s). Providing a positive returns experience for all. You’re welcome.

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