eBay brought the future to us in 2017, with Image Search, Find It On eBay and subconscious shopping and its pioneering artificial intelligence features aren’t stopping there.

Artifical Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artifical intelligence (or AI) is the development of computer systems to enable them to perform actions and tasks that would usually require the intelligence of a human. This might be decision making, visual perception and speech recognition, for example.

Machine learning is a form of AI and involves the development of computer systems to expand and learn automatically, through experience and not through explicit programming.

Relevance to eCommerce

Artifical intelligence and machine learning have huge implications for eCommerce and are set to make online shopping a more simple, intuitive and enjoyable experience for consumers and a more profitable experience for e-retailers.

eBay’s Why To Buy

eBay’s have continued their recent foray into AI and machine learning with their new Why to Buy feature.

Think of it as your bad influence friend who’s the reason you return from your shopping trip for a pack of batteries, with a new jacket, shoes and sunglasses to match – in app form.

The Why to Buy feature works on signal intelligence to provide shoppers with reasons to click ‘buy’. Using machine learning and data, the feature will constantly adapt and learn from buyers’ buying patterns, to highlight reasons why you really should buy this. Now.

These signals may include free delivery, experienced sellers, limited edition and free returns.

What This Means For You

This feature sets to make it quicker for online shoppers to find items and easier for them to make the decision to buy: Hopefully translating into increased sales and profit for you. What’s even better, is that eBay is investing in this technology so that you don’t have to, which is why eBay really should be one of your sales channel(s).

Expandly easily integrates your website shopping cart, such as Shopify and WooCommerce, with your eBay account; making it easy to list items, manage orders, handle your inventory and process shipping on all platforms, from one central location.

The Why to Buy feature is currently available in the UK, US, Germany and Australia on desktop, iOS and Android.


About Expandly

Expandly is multichannel management software that is all about saving you time and effort.

From the moment you login in the morning to the moment you ship your orders, Expandly aims to reduce your workload. It is simple, easy to use and focussed on helping small eCommerce businesses go from home-office or unit to warehouse and beyond.

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