What’s the Problem?

You’ve got products to sell:

You’re a savvy eCommerce entrepreneur and want to increase the number of ways that customers can reach you so you list them on multiple sales channel(s): Amazon, Etsy and eBay (as well as your own website using shopping carts like Shopify WooCommerce and BigCommerce):


A happy customer comes along and orders via Amazon – Great!

Expandly Order management Amazon


Another happy customer comes along and orders via Etsy – Double great!

Expandly Order management Etsy

You’ve now got to log into Amazon to process order#1 and into Etsy to process order#2. And then again to update the orders. And then again to ship the orders – Not so great.


Order management Amazon & Etsy

This is time-consuming; taking you away from more important stuff like managing and growing your business. But you’re no superhero; you can’t instantly and simultaneously update all your sales channel(s) constantly. Or can you?

Enter multichannel management software:

One of the many benefits of multichannel management software is that you get live order management, which does more than you might think:


View all orders at once


View the status of all orders, stock and payments from Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wish and your website, on one single screen.



Work on the right orders first


Use flexible order filters to filter by order status, shipping carrier, sales channel and more.



Bulk print order documents


Batch or individually print invoices, packing slips and labels ready for shipping and then add shipping carrier information.



Quickly update order statuses



Rapidly update order statuses individually or in bulk and let Expandly automatically update your sales channel(s).



Enter telephone orders


Manage telephone orders through Expandly by entering manually.


Build multi-channel pick lists



Bulk select and add orders to picklists regardless of sales channel. Print picklists for efficient picking and packing.



What Does This Mean for Me?

All of this means that:

1. You Save Time

No longer do you need to individually process order confirmations, create invoices and print shipping labels. Bulk processing means that you can spend more time and resources on the important stuff – like managing your business, driving sales and having some downtime.

2. You Save Money

Saving you time saves you money. Whether that’s people costs or you being able to devote more of you to increasing sales. Plus, multichannel order management software is affordable. Expandly caters for the small business – offering you a manageable fixed monthly fee that is affordable and budgetable.

3. It’s Easy

Work with all of your orders from one central screen.

4. Confidence

You can be confident that your sales channel(s) are showing accurate, real-time information and that you have a handle on all of your orders.

5. Central Real-Time and Accurate Information

Which makes reporting and planning your business a whole lot easier, plus you can do it remotely (hello holiday!)

6. Happy Customers and Brand Protection

Being able to work on the right orders first and keep customers updated in real-time, means that you will have happy and satisfied customers, which is great for feedback and brand protection.


Not all superheroes wear capes y’know!


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