This week we spent time catching up with new Expandly charity user Action for Children, to talk fundraising, online shopping and multichannel selling.

Who Are Action For Children?

Action for Children are a UK-based children’s charity, set up over 148 years ago by Thomas Bowman Stephenson from the dark, damp arches of Waterloo station. Over to Lisa, AFC’s Implementation Manager, to explain more:

Taking action on behalf of over 370,000 children, young people, parents and carers, we rely heavily on ambassadors, volunteers and fundraising in order “to do what’s right, do what’s needed, and do what works for children”.  Despite being founded in the days before electric street lights, we are really keen to keep our fundraising methods new, current and exciting, which is why we launched our online charity store. 

Where do you sell?

With clothes banks dotted around the county and donations from major retailers, we looked to online selling in order to expose our donated items to the widest audience possible: the Internet. We’ve started with eBay and have plans to expand to Amazon and beyond. 

Why Multichannel Selling And Expandly?

We wanted to expand our online store, increase our audience and generate a higher income. However, what sounded so simple, was actually quite puzzling for a charity relatively new to e-retail.

Expandly were simply amazing in turning us from novices to experts. From the go, they took the time to make us feel welcomed and to really understand our requirements, struggles and inefficiencies.

The free demo was fantastic. It allowed us to see how easily Expandly could help us to multichannel sell and increase our audience reach. Once we saw this, we were sold but our delight didn’t stop there; The training provided was tailored, in-depth and, most importantly, understandable.

How Has Expandly Benefited You So Far?

Being able to reach a larger audience, who can view our products on the platform of their preference, is incredibly helpful and exciting. It means that more people are aware of our charity and the work it does, which, for us, is invaluable.

What Are Your Favourite Aspects Of Expandly?

Firstly, the team! They have all been incredibly helpful and they consistently go out of their way to ensure that we have everything we need.

Secondly, the training. The training was perfect and helped us in all aspects of, not only Expandly, but also online selling.

What’s Been AFC’s Biggest Achievement?

Thanks to the dedication and constant hard work of our supporters, staff and volunteers, we directly change the lives of 390,000 children, young people and families. Every year.

Advice For Any Charities Considering Multichannel Selling

When Expandly can be used to help you sell on multiple sales channel(s), easily, then why limit your charity to selling on only one? Expandly can be used to help you sell on multiple sales channel(s), easily, then why limit your charity to selling on only one? We are very new to online selling but Expandly have given us the excitement, drive, tools and therefore potential, to increase our income and directly benefit our charity and the children it works on behalf of.

That’s it from our friends over at Action For Children – Thank you, Lisa, for your insight into multichannel selling for charities and the great work that AFC carries out. If you’re interested in learning more about how multichannel management software can help your charity:

Visit the Action for Children eBay store:



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