While everyone else was chomping away on Easter eggs, the Expandly team were busy implementing some exciting new updates. Expandly’s multi-channel eCommerce software is now even better for online sellers, accountants and bookkeepers, with the following updates now live:

Xero 2.1 – importing sales orders into different bank accounts

Earlier this year we released our Xero 2.0 integration – making importing sales orders into Xero quick, easy and automatic for online sellers, accountants and bookkeepers.

We’ve now made the process even easier by adding:

 – The ability to direct orders to different bank accounts, depending on the payment method;

 – The addition of the “asset” account (also known as the control, suspense or contra account); and

 – Configuring the automatic scheduler to only send orders up to midnight of the previous day.


Sending sales orders to different Xero bank accounts


For more detail, see our user guide on managing Xero in Expandly.


Multi-channel FBA (MCF)

Expandly users can now send multi-channel orders to their Fulfilment by Amazon account – enabling you to fulfil orders from your shopping cart, Etsy, Wish and eBay accounts using Amazon multi-channel fulfilment.

Sending orders to Amazon MCF

For more detail, see our user guide on sending multi-channel orders to FBA.



Some of you wanted the option to group your picklists by customers as opposed to products. We’ve added this functionality (because we’re nice like that) – just create a custom picklist in the ‘Template Designer’, adding a column for customer name.

Expandly Picking List


For more detail, see our user guide on creating a picklist template.


Our custom report builder wasn’t the best – so we improved it. The interface is now cleaner, you can add and remove columns and you can edit an existing report.

Expandly reports


For more detail, see our user guide on creating reports in Expandly.

Amazon & eBay tax

Amazon and eBay don’t add sales tax when sending orders to Expandly, which was proving problematic when sending sales orders to Xero. Now, you can automatically assign a “product tax” and “shipping tax” to Amazon and eBay orders, either during set-up or by simply editing your sales channel settings in Expandly.

Adding sales tax


For more detail, see our user guides on “Adding Amazon to Expandly“, “Adding eBay to Expandly” or “Adding sales tax to Amazon and eBay“.


Expandly – making eCommerce easier

We’re always listening to customer feedback and we hope that these latest updates will make selling on multiple sales channel(s) and managing your Xero account even easier.


About Expandly

Expandly multi-channel management software makes managing multi-channel selling easy – with integrations including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wish, Shopify and Xero.

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