November – The month of fireworks, is it too early to put up the Christmas decorations, give me a mulled wine already and the following not-to-be-missed eCommerce news: 

Sharing Is Caring 

And it’s even easier with Etsy’s improved social media section, allowing you to create posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest right from the ‘Sell On Etsy’ app. It’ll even suggest posts for you! #brilliant 


Yes, Shopify announced its Q3 results this month: a 72% year-on-year revenue growth and 86% gross profit growth – pretty fly. With an entrepreneur making their first sale on the online sales platform every 90 seconds, you’ll want to be a piece of that action if you aren’t already (and guess what; Expandly makes that easy).  

Try Before You Buy 

Back in June, the e-retailer giant Amazon, trialled a try-before-you-buy wardrobe service. Roll forward five months and Amazon has rolled back their generosity. Customers now can order only three to 10 items (previously three-15) and the discount for keeping items? Slashed. Currently only available in the US, we’re keeping a watchful eye on this new string to the online market place’s bow.  

G’Day Mate 

Or not – Amazon Australia’s launch, expected in time for Black Friday, didn’t happen. Rumour has it we could be waiting until 2018! Chuck another shrimp on the barbie mate.  

The Best Things In Life Were Free 

This month Amazon sneakily changed the minimum order value for free Prime Now delivery. Prime Now is the two-hour delivery service available to some Amazon Prime customers on select items. The minimum order for a free delivery window of less than two hours – £40 and over.  

But what goes up must come down, somewhere else – Amazon shocked some online sellers by discounting their items for buyers and covering the difference for sellers – Christmas come early.  

Christmas Really Did Come Early 

For Black Friday and Cyber Monday sellers. With record-breaking sales, 2017 smashed it. In case you missed it, we broke down Friday and Monday but sales weren’t restricted to just those two days: Amazon and eBay both offered deals and price matching throughout the whole of November.

You Used To Call Me On Your Cell Phone 

But now you’ll be way too busy using your mobile phone to set your Shopify discounts. That’s right; Shopify has released (yet another) update, which allows users to “create, modify and manage” discounts via their mobile phone or tablet.

Video Killed the Written Review Star 

Amazon is trailing video reviews and we’re excited. Promotional and instructional videos aim to keep buyers on Amazon and away from YouTube and Google and will be available to a select few merchant partners mid-December – we’re watching. 

Let’s Get Physical 

The Etsy Made Local Event featured Etsy sellers in the flesh at local pop-up markets on the weekend of 01-03 December. Running into its third year, this cutesy event took place in 40 UK cities and featured over 2,000 sellers.  

Here’s to a delightful December. 

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