If you’re anything like us then you probably haven’t quite finished (or started) your post-summer holiday ironing (or washing) but with only 82 sleeps to go, you’ve got the perfect excuse to put it off for even longer because you need to be getting Christmas ready!

Don’t let it kill your summer holiday vibes though: The Expandly team have put together their top-tips for getting you tip-top for the Christmas Season so let’s step into Christmas: 

1. Review your Website and E-Stores

You’re going to be experiencing increased website traffic over the coming months so this is the perfect opportunity to ensure that your website is in perfect condition. Pay specific attention to: 

Checking for broken links 

Browser compatibility 

Device compatibility (with over half of online sales being made through mobile devices, you need to be available on computers, laptops, mobiles and tablets).

2. Restructure

You might want to consider offering online shoppers the opportunity to view products by recipient: 

Perfume; Perfect for Mum 

Whiskey; Dad’s name on it 

Watch; Made with your partner in mind 

Chocolates; Destined for the Expandly team…sorry did we type that out loud!? 

A review of what sales channel(s) you’re on is also important, making sure that you’re appearing on the big three (Amazon, eBay and Etsy) as well as your own website/shopping cart (such as WooCommerce, Shopify and Zencart).

Multichannel management software, such as Expandly, integrates over 30 shopping carts with Amazon, eBay and Etsy, making multichannel selling easy, available and affordable for all.   

3. Check your Listings and Photographs

Now is also an excellent excuse to conduct an audit of all of your listing descriptions and images – are there errors, are they optimised? Luckily checking, editing and perfecting your listings is quick and easy through the Expandly multichannel management dashboard. Simple.

4. Marketing

You know it’s Christmas; your customers know it’s Christmas; but do they know you know it’s Christmas? 

Christmas is the perfect excuse for marketing  – get in their early to let your customers know that you’re ready and waiting to have Christmas covered for them. 

5. Stock

Good inventory management is important all year round but with an increase in items coming in and out from your website, eBay, Amazon and Etsy, it is especially important during the holiday season. Take time now to: 

Look at last year’s inventory reports, via the Expandly multichannel management dashboard, to plan your stock.

Keep a tight check on your stock levels to ensure no over-selling and that nothing becomes ‘out of stock’.

Inventory management is an excellent tool to make this whirlwind a breeze. Read about it here; in a nut(cracker)shell inventory management is Christmas come early.

6. Shipping

Dates, delays and deadlines are vital at Christmas and getting these wrong can result in unhappy customers, bad feedback and brand damage. Clearly display your cut-off dates and, to be flavour of the month, make them as late as possible, whilst also ensuring that everything arrives in time for the big day. The Royal Mail’s 2017 Christmas posting dates are: 

Second Class: Wednesday, December 20  
First Class: Thursday, December 21
Special Delivery: Thursday, December 21
Special Delivery Saturday Guaranteed: Friday, December 22
Royal Mail Tracked 48: Wednesday, December 20
Royal Mail Tracked 24: Thursday, December 21

7. Returns

We’ve all been there unwrapping a pair of pyjamas you unwrapped less than five minutes ago. Make sure your returns policy is clear to understand, easy to find and favourable. We know it’s not your fault but generosity in this area leads to good customer vibes, which can lead to positive feedback and return customers. Don’t be a Scrooge! 

8. Step into…Discounts

Black Friday (24 November), Cyber Money (27 November), Just Because Tuesday….discounts are aplenty around the holiday season and if you miss these you miss out. Tell people in advance and use it as an opportunity to move slow moving and old stock, get people to spend more and get people to spend early.  

9. Help – I need somebody

Customer service and quick response times will set you apart from your competition. Consider increasing your hours of availability in order to handle queries promptly and effectively.  

10. A Time for feedback

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to gain some good feedback – it is the season of goodwill after all. Offering gift wrapping, speedy delivery, returns, excellent customer service and all at a low (or even free) cost will help you reap the rewards in excellent customer feedback.  

11. January

December’s overshadowed sibling deserves some love too and you should spend time now planning and preparing for January sales – you’ll thank yourself later.  

12. And on the 12th day of Christmas, my True Love Gave to Me:

Relaxing time! Getting prepped for Christmas now, will not only make the holiday season much easier but come the big day, you’ll be able to relax and have a bit of holiday time for yourself. Enjoy – you deserve it.  



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