Whilst the first Monday in February might have been ‘national sickie day’ for some, it certainly wasn’t for Amazon or eBay, who were no doubt gloating in their impressive Q4 financial results.

31 January and 01 February saw the big guns reveal their big wins of the quarter and the year, and with results like these, they definitely had no reason to feel down:


Making an absolute splash during the holiday season, eBay finished Q4 on a high with:

$618 million Q4 net income;

A 5% increase in active buyers (now 170 million across the globe);

8% revenue growth in the quarter; and

Annual revenue of $9.6 billion – a 7% increase.


Not one to be outdone, Amazon also announced astounding results and growth:

Sales of $60.5 billion – a 38% increase for the quarter;

Annual sales of $177.9 billion – a 31% increase; and

More than five billion items shipped with Prime, worldwide.

What This Means For Multichannel Sellers

Amazon and eBay are working extremely hard to bring in sellers, buyers and (most importantly) sales. With heavy investments in new features, technology, advertising and more, eCommerce sellers are able to take advantage and ride their waves.

Whilst selling on eBay and Amazon comes at a cost, the exposure, audience and tools that you can take advantage of, will enable you to drive sales to more than cover the fees. Plus, with multichannel management software, such as Expandly, making it easy to sell on both Amazon and eBay from one central location, multichannel selling becomes a no-brainer!


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