Shopify is dipping its toes into the cool pond and trialling Instagram integration.

Swimming With the Cool Kids

Initially available only to a select few, Shopify is testing a new Instagram feature that will “provide a seamless in-app shopping experience, from discovery to checkout”.

What is Instagram?

A social networking app that allows it’s users to share photos and videos and to follow other users.

What Does it Have to Do with E-Commerce?

Instagram users follow different accounts, meaning that they can follow you. An opportunity to inspire shoppers with product photography (see our Top Tips for Product Photography), Instagram has an audience of over 500 million daily users and with recent research that users love seeing products on Instagram, it’s somewhere you want to be hanging out.

How Do I Get In?

If you’re not already using Instagram as a marketing tool, definitely consider it. Currently, you need to be a paid-up member to directly link users from your photo to your website but if Shopify’s testing is a success, the Shopping on Instagram feature will be available for all Shopify users.

Managing Increased Orders

Increasing your audience through Instagram, and accordingly, your sales figures, is a lot to manage alongside online marketplaces. Sure more customers and bigger profits are worth the extra work but treat yourself to an easier life with multichannel management software: Integrating your online marketplaces and Shopify seamlessly.


About Expandly

Expandly is multichannel management software that is all about saving you time and effort.

From the moment you login in the morning to the moment you ship your orders, Expandly aims to reduce your workload. It is simple, easy to use and focussed on helping small eCommerce businesses go from home-office or unit to warehouse and beyond.

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