Thanks to this month’s theme of eCommerce accounting blogs, you should now know when to hire an eCommerce accountant (or bookkeeper) for your business, and what to look for in an eCommerce accountant or bookkeeper. Now, we’re going to look at the importance of a Xero-certified eCommerce accountant – specifically, what is Xero certification and why your accountant needs it. 

Xero for eCommerce

Xero is an excellent tool for any eCommerce business – regardless of whether you’re completing your accounts in-house or handing them over to a bookkeeper or accountant. Why? Because:

It’s cloud-based, making access anywhere easy (hello beach);

It’s collaborative, allowing multiple users and logins (hello delegation);

It has a sleek and useful dashboard (hello good looking); and

You can link Xero with your sales channel(s) using Expandly (hello easy life).

Accordingly, you want to ensure that any accountant you use, uses Xero and knows how to use it well – enter the Xero certification.

Xero eCommerce accountants

There are millions of eCommerce accountants using Xero across the world, but how do you know which accountants are good at using Xero and which ones haven’t really got a clue? Well, thanks to the terms Xero Partner, Xero Certification and Xero Champion, you have an easy way to decipher.

What is a Xero partner

A Xero partner is an accountant who uses Xero with their clients. What you’re looking for is a Xero Partner who has completed the Xero certification, AKA a Xero Certified Partner.

What is Xero certification

Xero certification is a badge of honour given to accountants and bookkeepers who know Xero inside out.

How does an accountant become Xero Certified?

It’s no good an accountant merely declaring that they’re a Xero pro. To earn the prestigious certification, they must:

 Undertake a six-hour course, covering 12 Xero topics; and

 Pass quarterly updates to maintain their certification.

Ok, so what is a Xero champion?

Good question. A Xero champion is a current Xero Certified Partner, who has used their Xero knowledge successfully for their clients (i.e. they’ve achieved sustained growth) – earning them “Xero points” and enabling them to progress from bronze status right up to platinum.

Why should my accountant have a Xero certification

Xero certification and champion status both mean much more than a shiny badge on a website. For you, an eCommerce seller, a Xero certified accountant means:

They know Xero

At it’s simplest, a Xero certification means that your accountant not only knows Xero, but they know how to get the best out of Xero for your online business. This can result in more time, money and growth for you.

They’ve been successful 

A Xero champion also has a proven history of using Xero successfully for clients. The more sparkly the champion status, the more Xero clients that the accountant has – giving them the experience to help your business.

They are up-to-date

Xero requires all of its partners to complete and pass quarterly updates about the product and industry. This keeps your accountant up-to-date on new ways of working, new product features, and new rules and regulations – all which could improve your business’ finances for the better.

They know their apps

Finally, certified Xero practitioners not only know Xero, but they know the best Xero apps for making Xero even more efficient and effective. Apps like Expandly that make importing sales orders into Xero quick, easy and automatic – making your business streamlined, profitable and as beautiful as Xero.

Key takeaways

Xero certification is the badge of honour your eCommerce accountant should hold – ensuring that they can use Xero to its full potential, helping you to reach yours.

Is your Xero accountant using Expandly?

If your accountant is Xero Certified but not using Expandly to improve your service – have a word. Expandly makes sending multi-channel sales orders into Xero seamless, error-free and (if you want) automatic. Get them to email [email protected] to find out more.

Or, find out for yourself with a free trial

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