If the Linnworks price increase has you scouring Google, searching for a Linnworks alternative offering the same functionality at a fraction of the price, then look no further. Expandly multi-channel management software offers it all – from listings, orders, inventory management, shipping and even connecting Xero with your favourite sales channel(s). Even better, is our honest, affordable and transparent pricing (starting at only £40 per month) – it’s a big deal to us. Read on for more detail about your Linnworks successor. 

The Linnworks price hike

Let’s backtrack a little to yesterday when Linnworks announced a hefty price increase for its new and current customers. The Linnworks Standard and Advanced packages have increased, and that’s not all. SKU and order limits have also been introduced, resulting in the following packages:

Linnworks Standard: £150 p/month for 20,000 SKUs and 1,000 monthly orders (£0.14 per order thereafter).

Linnworks Advanced: £450 p/month for 50,000 SKUs and 3,500 monthly orders (£0.12 per order thereafter).

The new pricing will apply to monthly subscribers from 21 August 2019 and annual subscribers from when the renew their subscription.

Not ideal. But what do you do? Find a Linnworks alternative.

Expandly – a Linnworks alternative

Obviously, we’re going to talk about ourselves here, but that’s only because we’re genuinely committed to offering the same multi-channel management software that Linnworks, Veeqo, ChannelGrabbel and all of the other eCommerce companies do, but at a price that is affordable and transparent. So, how do we compare as a Linnworks alternative?

Expandly vs. Linnworks

Expandly’s multi-channel management software is a serious alternative to Linnworks because it offers all of the functionality that you need, none of the functionality that you don’t and an easy on-boarding process that you can complete yourself – allowing us to keep our prices low.

Expandly pricing

And, we don’t just say our prices are low; we’re open about the pricing that makes us a cheaper alternative to Linnworks:

Expandly essentials plan: £40 p/month includes unlimited orders, 5,000 SKUs and unlimited users.

Expandly standard: £99 p/month includes unlimited orders, 50,000 SKUs and unlimited users.

Expandly premium plan: £250 p/month includes unlimited orders, 100,000 SKUs and unlimited users.

One monthly fee, with no hidden extras.

Expandly vs. Linnworks features

We also don’t just call ourselves a Linnworks alternative – we are, offering:

Multiple sales channel(s) – Expandly integrates with more than 30 different online marketplaces and shopping carts including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wish and Shopify.

Inventory management – Expandly’s live inventory management feature allows you to view and update live stock levels across your sales channel(s).

Listing – Create, edit, duplicate, import and delete multi-channel listings, kits and bundles from the Expandly platform.

Order management – View, track and progress all of your orders, with no restrictions on how many orders you process.

Shipping carriers – Integrate with more than 100 different shipping carriers to bulk print shipping labels, invoices, pick lists and pack lists, and bulk add tracking details.

Reporting – Run standard and customised reports across all of your sales channel(s).

Xero integration – automatically import sales orders into Xero with our Xero eCommerce integration that also allows you to auto-approve, send different orders to different bank accounts, map tracking categories and more.

Expandly vs. Linnworks price increase

You already know that Linnworks increases its prices (somewhat dramatically). We’re not going to hold our hands up and say we’ve never increased our prices, but when we have it has been the minimal price increase necessary and we haven’t imposed price increases on our existing customers – because that doesn’t align with our values.

Moving from Expandly to Linnworks – FAQs

How easy is it to move from Linnworks to Expandly?

Very. Once you’ve signed up to the free 7-day Expandly trial you can connect your sales channel(s) in just a few clicks. Once your listings have downloaded and you’ve configured the platform to your liking, then you’re all ready to go.

Can I run Linnworks and Expandly at the same time?

Of course. We want you to be happy with the service that you receive from Expandly, which is why we offer a 7-day free trial. Get set up, check you like it, train your staff and then make the office move over (we even recommend cake).

Does Expandly have all of the features of Linnworks?

Expandly offers all of the essential features for multi-channel management – meaning that you only pay for the essential features for multi-channel management. That includes:

– Listing functionality;

– Order management;

– Live inventory;

– Shipping label printing and tracking number uploading;

– Xero integration; and more.

Perfect for small and medium-sized businesses (although we do create bespoke integrations for enterprise businesses too).

How many orders can I send with Expandly?

Unlimited – we don’t limit your success.

How quickly can I move from Linnworks to Expandly?

You can add your sales channel(s) to Expandly in as little as five minutes, but we recommend allowing two weeks to move your whole operation from Linnworks to Expandly. This gives you time to configure your settings, learn the platform and run your business while you’re at it.

Can you support me in moving from Linnworks to Expandly?

Expandly’s support is excellent (just look at our reviews). We offers demos and provide free email and live chat support for all of our customers, supplemented by telephone and in-house training for some of our packages. We also have some great user guides and video tutorials.

Where do I sign up?

Click here, and if you have any questions please email [email protected].

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