Back in June, you might recall Amazon putting on its Nikes and zipping up its hoodie in an exclusive new relationship. Six months later and Amazon has been seen out and about online and in public with Calvin Klein (oo-er).

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Amazon and Calvin Klein have partnered up, in a new and exclusive brand deal. Not only featuring an online store, the duo has decided to take it to the next level, appearing in public together over the festive season.

Two pop-up stores, in New York and LA, will be open to the public and feature an insight into the future with Echo-enabled changing rooms, allowing you verbally change the lighting, play music and ask burning questions (does my bum look big in this?), as well as app-only payments.

Walking in My Winter Underwear

Not only that, but exclusive Amazon-only underwear has been produced to commemorate the occasion and will only be available at the stores and online at Amazon. Department stores (traditional favourites of the CK brand) will not have access until the new year.

Is This the Future?

Whilst we’re not expecting Amazon-branded pants to take off, this partnership does highlight some important take-aways:

Calvin Klein and Nike know their audience and know that they’re shopping on Amazon. By partnering up, they are able to protect their brand, protect their pricing and distribution, increase their exposure and be responsive to their customers’ shopping habits.

With Amazon and Calin Klein doing the hard work to lure customers onto the online marketplace, you have the easy task of just being there, for when they’re searching for the rest of their shopping basket. And Expandly really does make selling on Amazon and integrating with eBay, Etsy and online shopping carts, such as Shopify and WooCommerce, easy.

It is safe to assume that Amazon will continue with its high-profile partnerships as well as working hard to become a well-known online fashion retailer. If clothing and accessories are your product then Amazon should appear along you multi-channel selling selection.

Nothing should come between you and your customers.


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