Running an eCommerce business requires a lot of plate spinning, learning and time to get it off of the ground. But, once the orders start flying in and the warehouse deliveries start mounting up, is your time best spent managing it all? We’ve invited the eCommerce experts at Expandly to explain the benefits of using an eCommerce accountant and how outsourcing your business finances can take your business to the next level. 

Are you ready for an eCommerce accountant?

When you first start selling online, it’s tempting to keep all of your tasks in-house – optimizing your processes, saving money and learning the ropes. And then it becomes difficult to let go. We’re here to tell you that it’s time to hire an accountant for your eCommerce business, especially if:

  • Your finances are taking up too much of your time;
  • Your finances go beyond your expertise;
  • Your business is expanding internationally; or
  • You don’t enjoy figures and taxes. 

The benefits of using an eCommerce accountant?

Now that you’ve had express permission to ditch the calculator and let someone else take care of the math, it’s time to consider who that person will be – a general accountant or specialist eCommerce accountant?

A specialist eCommerce accountant isn’t a bookkeeper that knows how to find the best eBay deals – it’s an accountant who specialises in eCommerce clients; an accountant who can excel your online business through:

eCommerce expertise

Not only will an expert eCommerce accountant understand your business immediately (meaning that you don’t need to explain the difference between SKUs and barcodes), but they’ll also know the regulations, schemes and practices can help you to save money, avoid fines and grow. 


Requiring less knowledge to get up-to-speed, means that a specialist eCommerce accountant can start working on your accounts straight away, and will be quicker when they do so. 


Onto the topic that you want to hear about: money. Specialist eRetail accountants can save you money, make you money, and for a lot less money than you think. They know where you can make cost savings, how to operate in a tax-efficient way and areas you can make more money. Plus that speed we mentioned results in a lower bill at the end. 


And finally, ecommerce-dedicated accountants have access to specialist eCommerce accounting tools to improve your financial efficiency, accuracy and ease. Using, for example. Xero for easy accounting and Expandly to automatically send sales orders to Xero (and the correct accounts) for you. 

Taking your eCommerce business to the next level  

If you’re serious about growth as an eCommerce entrepreneur, then a specialist eCommerce accountant can direct you and support you along the way, including advice on:

  • The best tax-efficient processes;
  • International sales tax and how to manage it efficiently using Xero’s tracking categories; and
  • Investment rounds, funding and selling. 

Employing an eCommerce accountant to handle your online business’ finances is like hiring Gordon Ramsay to make you a panini – you wouldn’t want anyone else to do it!


About Expandly

Expandly multi-channel eCommerce software makes selling online easy – from listings and orders to shipping label printing and sending orders to Xero. Speak to your accountant about Expandly today to access preferntial pricing and Expandly’s full suite of features.

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