Last week, we looked at the differences between Shopify and Shopify Plus. This week, we’re taking it to the next level, looking at the best Shopify Plus apps for your aspiring eCommerce enterprise. 

Recap: what is Shopify Plus?

For those of you otherwise entertained last week, Shopify Plus is an eCommerce platform. It offers all of the standard Shopify features, along with advanced functionality for high-volume and enterprise sellers. It’s a powerful tool for online businesses serious about growth, made even more powerful when supplemented with the right Shopify Plus apps – but which ones are those?

The top Shopify Plus apps

Just like the Shopify App Store, there are plenty of Shopify Plus apps out there, all promising to take your eCommerce businesses to the next level. Having worked with a number of Shopify Plus merchants, we’ve narrowed down our favourite top ten Shopify Plus apps that you shouldn’t live without. Let’s get straight to them.


It’s a phrase we often hear here at Expandly, but this time, we’re talking about San Fransisco-based Gorgias – the one-stop shop for your customer support needs. The Gorgias Shopify Plus app powers merchants to offer an enterprise level of customer service. The platform collects and displays all customer conversations (wherever they take place) in one central dashboard. Not only does this streamline customer support, but agents can also view and edit order details, issue refunds, cancel orders, use templates and create automated rules to enhance your customer support experience. We’re a huge fan.

Price: from $60

Free trial: seven days

Gorgias Shopify Plus app

(Source: Gorgias)


Nice to say and nice to use, Klaviyo is described as the growth engine for any Shopify Plus store – doing marketing, in a big way. Offering both ease-of-use and powerful functionality, the Klaviyo Shopify Plus app encompasses it all, including email flows, cart abandonment campaigns, audience segmentation, personalised campaigns and advanced analytics. It’s hugely effective for big eCommerce names, enabling you to listen to your visitors, customers and subscribers and use that vital information to create engaging messages that convert.

Even better, the single-click install makes it easy to install and start achieving the average 67x ROI increase experienced by their customers.

Price: from free

(Source: Klaviyo)


Well, we had to appear in here somewhere. Expandly’s Shopify Plus app enables you to grow your enterprise eCommerce store by adding multiple sales channel(s), shipping carriers, and Xero to your repertoire. Big brands know the power of multi-channel selling (just take a look at Apple, Nike and JD Sports) and Expandly makes this easy and manageable for businesses of scale.

Big tasks such as listing to multiple sales channel(s), scheduling items, printing shipping labels and adding tracking details can be done multi-channel and in bulk – saving huge amounts of time. Whatsmore, importing orders into Xero is not only easy; it’s automatic too.

Price: from £150 per month

Free trial: 7 days

(Source: Expandly)


Peoplevox is well known to Expandly and to Shopify Plus merchants who want to own their fulfilment. This warehouse management software helps fast-scaling companies not only cope, but retain a competitive advantage when doing so. You can customise your warehouse setup, track Shopify Plus (and other sales channel) orders throughout the entire process, speed up your fulfilment, and remove all paperwork and manual reporting.

You can also make use of its highly useful and easy-to-use mobile app – getting your warehouse staff and temps trained in minutes. Spend less time-solving fulfilment issues and more time growing your brand.

Price: from £150 per month

PeopleVox Shopify Plus App

(Source: Peoplevox)

Plobal Apps

Jetting all the way over to India, Plobal Apps is the app for taking your Shopify Plus store mobile. M-commerce is considered by many as the future of eCommerce, and Plobal’s mobile app builder enables you to create a comprehensive and personalised mobile commerce journey for your customers. Not only does this make mobile shopping easier for your customers, but it also increases your retention rates with automatic push notifications, AI-powered product recommendations and Apple and Android pay compatibility.

Already favoured by more than 15,000 stores, reaching over 1 million customers, Plobal Apps could unlock your next level of success.

Price: from free

Plobal Apps Shopify app

(Source: Plobal Apps)


Conversion rates matter at all sizes and Privy is the tool to help you smash them. Powering your Shopify Plus store with pop-ups, banners, flyouts and spin-to-win wheels, you’ll be engaging customers and flying them through the checkout in no time.

The best part about the Privy Shopify Plus app is that it is completely customisable, requires no coding or development, and comes with automated A/B testing and real-time reporting – enabling you to identify the best tactics for your business quickly.

Pricing: from free

Privy Shopify Plus App

(Source: Privy)


In Sweden this time, the Shopify Plus app Findify brings advanced AI-powered search and discovery tools to your Shopify Plus store. This level of personalisation takes your eCommerce business to a professional level and can increase revenue by 10-50%.

Pricing: from $499 per month

Findify Shopify Plus app

(Source: Findify)

Shopify Flow

Built by Shopify Plus for Shopify Plus, Shopify Flow is the free app providing all the automation you could wish for. Use template workflows or create your own to automate tasks within your Shopify Plus store and across all of your Shopify Plus apps.

Examples of the workflows that Shopify Flow can be used for include creating a support ticket upon receiving a negative review, tracking customers who refund items over $100 and adding a free gift to orders more than $100.

Price: free

Shopify Flow

(Source: Shopify)

Shopify Launchpad

Another native Shopify Plus app (with a free price tag attached) is Shopify Launchpad (and we’re not talking rockets here). Shopify Launchpad is a scheduling tool for your Shopify Plus website – enabling you to schedule the start and end times of product visibility, themes, discounts, scripts and more.

You’ll be able to easily prepare your Shopify Plus store for events such as flash sales, product releases and holiday celebrations – jetting your store’s professionalism off to the next level.

Launchpad Shopify Plus app

(Source: Shopify)

And last, but by no means least, we have Your customers can’t help but smile when receiving a reward or perk – and that’s precisely what helps with. The Canadian app is a world-class rewards platform – creating a Shopify Plus-worthy loyalty program for your eCommerce brand.

Whether you want to offer loyalty points, referral bonuses or a VIP program, is the customisable way to offer this all while connecting with your marketing tools. Definitely, an app to buy into.

Pricing: from free.

Smile Shopify Plus App


Shopify Plus your business

Shopify Plus is excellent for enterprise-level sellers, and these apps are big and sturdy enough to match. Take your business to the next level comfortably, confidently and with the right tools to do the job.

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