• 28th September

    How To Take Your Shopify Store To The Next Level

    You’ve created your dream Shopify store, sales are booming, customers are coming in, orders are flying out, and you’re ready to take it to the next level, but how? To take your ecommerce business from entry level 1 to expert level 10 you need to retain existing customers, reach new customers, grow your product offering and keep sane and here’s how. Reaching New Customers To grow your ecomm

  • 31st May

    Cha-Ching – Shopify Partners with CoinPayments

    Earlier this month CoinPayments tweet-nounced its integration with Shopify - allowing online sellers to accept a whole range of cryptocurrency.  What is Cryptocurrency? Put simply, cryptocurrency is digital money - designed to be more secure and anonymous than cold hard cash. You've probably heard of bitcoin - that was the first, created in 2009 - now there are more than 1,800. What is CoinPa

  • 18th May

    Ping-Pong – Shopify Ping has arrived

    Last month we featured ecommerce giant Shopify in all their glory and this month, they added another string to their bow...or should that be another bounce to their serve? Introducing Shopify Ping A new, and free, Shopify app that helps you to stay in touch with your customers in one place. Shopify Ping pulls your Facebook Messenger, chatKit and Rep.ai messages all into the Shopify Ping app -

  • 23rd April

    Shop It Like It’s Hot: All About Shopify

    Shopify is one of the many ecommerce platforms that Expandly integrates with but less about us and more about them - Who are Shopify, what do they do and how can they get people to Shopify from you.  Shopify Shopify is an ecommerce platform that enables you to set up a webstore that includes a storefront, checkout and blogs. Snow Good - We'll Have To Build Our Own In 2004, Tobias Lütke, D

  • 19th February

    Woo! All About WooCommerce

    WooCommerce is one of the many online shopping carts that Expandly integrates with but less about us and more about them - who are WooCommerce, what do they do and how can they woo you? WooCommerce WooCommerce is an ecommerce plugin, that provides you with an online shopping cart - allowing you to sell products (both physical and digital) from your website, as well as take bookings, subscrip

  • 25th January

    Clickety-Click: Bingo for Magento Users With New One Click Button

    Theresa's Den Its been ten long years that Amazon has held the exclusive rights to the infamous one-click button, making the checkout process oh-so-easy; if not a little too easy (we've all been there!) But whilst we were all celebrating back to school in September, Amazon was mourning the loss of the ten year patent on the instant purchase checkout technology. Hey Presto Magento Things we