Everything you need to know about OnBuy

If you thought that multi-channel selling was just Amazon, eBay and Shopify, you’d be wrong (we’re sorry!), and the glowing success of new online marketplace OnBuy is a perfect example of why. Don’t get us wrong – Amazon, eBay and Shopify are all essential parts of a successful multi-channel strategy. But that’s exactly what they […]

How to sell on Wish 2020

Contents What is Wish? Why sell on Wish How much does it cost to sell on Wish How to register as a merchant on Wish How to start selling on Wish Sourcing products Integrating Wish Listing products Importing Shopify, Amazon, eBay and Etsy listings Managing orders Fulfiling orders How to increase sales on Wish ProductBoost […]

A guide to eBay seller fees (and how to reduce them)

Whether you’re just starting out on your eCommerce journey, or you’re looking at expanding your business to eBay, knowing how much it costs to sell on eBay, and how to reduce that cost, is vital. And we’re here to help. This guide to eBay seller fees takes you through the essential and optional fees for […]

300 Million Customers & Counting – All About Wish

It’s been nearly six months since we announced Expandly’s integration with the world’s largest mobile marketplace, Wish. And with hundreds of Expandly users taking advantage of the 300 million global customers offered by the online marketplace, we thought it was about time that we explained a little more about Wish and why it’s an essential […]

Snap – eBay’s Rival Sale to Amazon Prime Day

In case you missed it, Amazon Prime Day is taking place on 16 and 17 July and would-you-believe it but eBay also has a sale on that day too.  eBay Sales Day 17 July eBay is holding its own sales day on 17th July, and for anyone giving them the benefit of the doubt for the […]

Amazon Prime Day & eBay Non-Prime Day Recap

What a week. Sales aplenty, a broken Amazon, the word ‘trillion’ entering the scene and some eBay sass – we’ve got it all in our Amazon Prime Day and eBay non-prime day round-up.    “We don’t do memberships. We do deals.” That was eBay’s take on Prime Day, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. eBay had […]

Learn more about eBay Autumn Seller Update

We might all still be BBQing, living in shorts and overindulging in ice creams but autumn is right around the corner and eBay wants us to know about it in their latest Autumn Seller update. The third and final business newsletter of the year, brought with it new ways to manage your business, updates to […]

eBay 2018 UK Retail Report

You might think that we have over three months left of 2018, and you’d be right. But that hasn’t stopped eBay releasing it’s 2018 Retail Report. Full of juicy information about what people were buying, when, we’re here to bring you the highlights. Passion for… Fishing. The water-edge sport is coming back into fashion, according to […]

Another Big Brand Opts for Multi-Channel Selling

J.Crew, the big American brand known for its timeless and affordable outfits for men, women and children, has taken its first big multi-channel step by listing on Amazon Fashion.  Customers in the US can now access a curated selection of the Fall ’18 collection on the online marketplace, providing a prime example of why multi-channel […]

It’s Prime Time for a Sale – Amazon Prime Day 2018 Announced

After months of speculation, Amazon has finally announced this year’s Amazon Prime Day and it’s so chock-full of deals that it’s really Amazon Prime Day and a Half. We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about making 16 June 2018 your best sales day yet.  Amazon Prime Day 2018 Prime Day 2018 takes place […]

Happy Birthday Amazon – What does this date tell us

Twenty-three – mid-twenties, early twenties, definitely not teens – it’s a difficult age but being worth a cool $815 billion makes celebrating this year’s birthday a breeze. Amazon turns 23 on 05 Jul 2018, and we’re celebrating with 23 facts that you might not have known about the marketplace dominating the world. 1. They have […]

Testing 1,2,3: Etsy’s Current Marketplace Tests

Handmade powerhouse Etsy is always trying to create a better platform for buyers and increased sales for sellers. Testing is, therefore, a continuous activity for the online marketplace but, unlike Amazon and eBay, they want you to get involved.  Etsy Etsy is the global online marketplace, that provides you with a platform to list homemade and creative […]